Speaker Trainer Douglas Vermeeren says that the most important skill the youth can have is to learn public speaking

Douglas Vermeeren 10X Your Speaking Business trains youth to learn speaking skills.
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CALGARY, Alberta - Sept. 7, 2017 - PRLog -- Speaker Trainer Douglas Vermeeren: the most important skill the youth can have is to learn public speaking

Douglas Vermeeren the founder of 10X Your Speaking Business believes the most important skill that is public speaking. It can have an effects everything from the ability to communicate effectively in future jobs to participating effectively in today's social media.

"The youth of today need to learn to communicate more effectively with the masses," Vermeeren contends. "Their ability to effective communicate through effective speaking skills have a great effect on their results."

Vermeeren has made working with the youth and specifically giving back to youth one of his companies prime mandates. "10x your Speaking Business isn't just about developing the business of  professional speakers, we want to develop youth. We believe that many problems will disappear in the future if they can learn how to communicate with each other more effectively."

Vermeeren has youth students from all over the globe. Many of these young people are teens and pre-teens with his youngest student being just 4.

Tegan Helen, one of Vermeeren's students and an 8 year old author and speaker from the United Kingdom states, "If more kids were speaking on stage the world would change for the better, kids have so much creativity, ideas, and love, we don't follow the same rules as most grown ups, we think outside the box." Her brother Tyler (5) speaks on healthy eating choices for kids felt similarly, "Being a speaker is very important because that way I can teach loads of kids all about healthy stuff so that they can be big and strong, fit and healthy and live forever. And not be poorly and sick all the time."

You may think that the idea of public speaking is lost on children this young but 4 year old Amire Ben Salmi  was quick to point out that, "Public speaking is fun for kids because they get to go on stage and speak about whatever they want." Douglas Vermeeren encourages freedom of expression and suggests that the platform of a speaker is where kids can overcome their fear of expressing ideas and opinions. Amire's older brother Paolo put it this way, "It's just like when you play football, the best time to start is as young as possible and you simply keep playing until you retire and the more you play the better you become."

Yasmine Ben Salmi 10 years old and from the same family is also advocate for public speaking, "I think public speaking is one of the most important life skills a child can learn." In case you think that speaking is for just a few kids in the family then be on the look out for the two oldest children of  Ben Salmi family, Tray-Sean who goes by the branding of "That kid." (12 years old) and his older sister Lashai (17).

These two older siblings have already experienced the power of speaking onstage and have become international speakers in their own right.  Both of them share with excitement the blessings, opportunities and connections that public speaking has brought them.

All of the above sing praises for Douglas Vermeeren and how his programs have helped them become more competent speakers. "I am proud of all of my students. But especially the kids. It takes a lot courage to speak publicly. But these guys are doing it and I look to seeing amazing things for these guys."

To learn more about Douglas Vermeeren and his speaking programs for both youth and adults go to: http://www.DouglasVermeeren.com


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