Factory Eliminates Paperwork and Makes Digitization Personal for its Workers

Workers will now join the digitization of the RPC Superfos plant in Randers, Denmark. Together with Software-as-a-service provider Gluu, RPC Superfos will be making processes, work instructions, tasks and forms available for all employees via tablets.
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RPC Superfos eliminates paper forms and registrations using Gluu
RPC Superfos eliminates paper forms and registrations using Gluu
COPENHAGEN, Denmark & RANDERS, Denmark - June 1, 2017 - PRLog -- As one of the first factories in the world, RPC Superfos in Randers now makes digitalization up close and personal for employees on the factory floor. In an ambitious effort with Gluu, cumbersome paper procedures, tasks and visual work instructions become easy to work with via tablets.

In 2016, the factory started an ambitious Lean Journey by training employees in how to minimize waste in the factory. Now digital processes will make an end-to-end view easier:

"The Gluu platform enables us to find new ways to eliminate waste, as our processes from order to delivery become easier to understand. At the same time, Gluu allows our employees to digitalize our paper forms themselves. We expect huge time savings by no longer having to handle paper registrations. Everything is now done in the task app," explains Jakob Lund, the Factory Manager.

"It's nothing new that a paper form can be digitized. Gluu, however, allows you to bridge the gap between the few employees that work with defining processes and the many employees working within the processes. In this way, Gluu links strategy and execution more closely. You need no IT skills and we see that improvements often happen by themselves if you give the people that do the work the right tools," Søren Pommer, founder of Gluu, says.

There is even an immediate return, explains Jakob Lund:

"Studies[1] show that paper forms costs about $5 more than digital forms, every time they're filled out. Then comes the subsequent handling. This means that just 300 fewer paper forms a month alone will pay for the Gluu platform."

At the same time, cumbersome and slow procedures on paper are more likely to lead to errors, according to Quality Manager, Casper Bendtzen.

"If a mistake is made during the night, the QA specialist needs to know about it when he or she shows up for work in the morning. Our current procedures are simply too slow. With Gluu the error is visible for everyone immediately. That way e.g. service staff only sees the relevant information on their tablet. This decreases the risk of errors," he explains.


[1]AIIM, Process-Critical Forms and the Mobile Workforce, 2012


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