Local New York Chain Store Basics Plus Throws Serious Challenge to Amazon

Local NY chain store Basics Plus has shown the courage to fight back online retail giants with the power of its "local advantages". The company has also introduced a new series of services recently including knife sharpening as well as AC and Miele vacuum cleaner installation, sales & repair.
NEW YORK - May 21, 2017 - PRLog -- Like the legendary fight between David and Goliath, riding on the modern spree for virtual shopping, when Amazon is gobbling up the business of millions of local stores, one neighborhood NY chain store, Basics Plus, has dared to pose a serious challenge to the online retail giant. The enterprising store is all set to fight back with its local advantages which virtual retail outlets lack big time.

All praise for Basics Plus as it inspires other local stores to fight for their existence even in the midst of big players online.

"For the past 3-4 years, we (read local stores) have been facing a steep decrease in sales. It's not that we are producing inferior products or that our service has got slow. In fact, it's all due to the increasing market share of online retail hotshots like Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, etc. which have been eating up our sales every day. So many local stores have been forced to shut down. But no - we won't bow down. We are proud of our local existence and we are ready to fight back the giants. They may be big names but we do have our own strong points. Most importantly, we score over them with our unmatched local advantages which they cannot attain," stated Zvi Cohen, the spirited man behind Basics Plus.

The NY chain store operates with a number of outlets across the whole of New York to reach the local customers easily and fast. Such benefits are not exactly viable with online retail bigwigs as with the virtual scene everything is very distant and remote. From placing the order to delivery, it's all a very lengthy duration. But with nearby stores, shoppers can choose, order and get the products within minutes only. Moreover, local stores are only a few steps away when the customers need repair or maintenance services. As everything is done physically, there is always a personal touch to the whole process. However, with online stores, buyers never get to meet the seller and don't really know whether to trust him or not.

"Being near my customers, I can provide my customers a much better service as compared with online sellers."

Established in 2001, Basics Plus is a name of repute in the NY house ware & hardware scene. The company also offers general locksmith and 24/7 emergency locksmith services. As of 2017, it has come up with an additional range of great services including AC services, Miele vacuum cleaners services and knife sharpening which assures expert knife sharpening and repair services for all kinds of knives with cutting-edge sharpening techniques. Basics Plus is an authorized Miele dealer and helps the customers with vacuum cleaner delivery, cleaning and repair services.

"We sell premium quality air conditioners and our senior technicians will also assist you in industry-leading A/C cleaning, installation, maintenance and repair. We are here to take shopping to a whole new level that won't end just with the customer paying his check. In fact, it's about creating an everlasting relationship where you will always have us by your side whenever you need us."

To know more about Basics Plus, please visit the official website or contact them below.

Basics Plus

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