Carbon Fiber Belts - The Benefits of Non-Metal Belts

Non-metallic carbon fiber belts are in demand for the crowds of people who traverse security clearance on a daily plus schedule. More recently, these metal free buckles have found their way into the high-end accessory market, and now are making life easier for anyone with nickel allergy or other allergy to metal.
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Made in USA, Nickel Free CF 2.0 Carbon Fiber Belt
Made in USA, Nickel Free CF 2.0 Carbon Fiber Belt
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - March 31, 2017 - PRLog -- Carbon fiber is earning an edge into the uber-trendy accessory market, a natural progression following successful debuts in the manufacture of high-end bicycles, cars, and aerospace equipment. The high strength-to-weight ratio is credited for much of its success in these venues.

The unique, high tech look of carbon fiber is another part of its massive appeal. As there is no metal, carbon fiber belt buckles allow simpler security clearance and can make allergic reactions to metal non-existent.

At, 100% carbon fiber buckles are paired with handcrafted full grain leather straps, placing these rare belts in high demand! Because the carbon fiber buckles are hand sewn onto the leather straps, there are no metal snaps or closures. And, of course, a metal free belt can cause no metal allergy! is launching a new site dedicated to the advantages of buying carbon fiber belts. At, these professional and attractive belts are on display. Some belts are fitted with a "traditional with a twist" pin buckle, as The Specialist Brown Belt, while others, such as the CF 2.0 Black Belt, sport the sleek and stylish hook buckle.

Frequent fliers, judges, attorneys, police officers and anyone requiring regular security screening are discovering the difference a 100% metal free belt makes at security checkpoints.

For metal allergy sufferers, carbon fiber is the ideal choice. With zero metal content, there is no chance of a metal allergy reaction. Durable carbon fiber buckles are extremely lightweight, adding to the comfort of the belt.

Nickel free carbon fiber belts are rapidly increasing in popularity for many reasons from the elite style to the functional durability and featherweight feel, to the fact that carbon fiber just makes life easier in so many ways.  Whatever the reason, it's time to join in on this trend that's not going away any time soon! Visit or to learn more.


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