Powerful New Version of Digital Forensics Tool Hibernation Recon Launched

Hibernation Recon Now Provides Actionable and Unique Intelligence about Windows® Hibernations
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Hibernation Recon - Parallel Process
Hibernation Recon - Parallel Process
BOSTON - March 7, 2017 - PRLog -- Arsenal Recon, digital forensics experts building powerful tools to improve the analysis of electronic evidence, launched a more powerful version of Hibernation Recon today. Hibernation Recon extracts valuable information from Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 hibernation files that other tools have failed to reveal for many years. Digital forensics experts armed with Hibernation Recon are now able to leverage not only the active contents of Windows hibernation files, but also massive volumes of information in the multiple types (and levels) of slack space that often exist within them.

What's new in the latest Hibernation Recon?

The latest Hibernation Recon now provides a streamlined graphical user interface, parallel processing of multiple hibernation files, and advanced NTFS metadata recovery. According to Arsenal President Mark Spencer, "Digital forensics experts interested in maximum exploitation of Windows hibernation files will immediately benefit from our advanced NTFS metadata recovery - more specifically, our extraction and human-friendly decoding of NTFS INDX data. Hibernation Recon is the kind of tool that should compel our colleagues in digital forensics to dust off all their old evidence!" A "Free Mode" is now available as well which supports the extraction of active contents from Windows hibernation files.

Why should digital forensics experts use Hibernation Recon?

Generally speaking, existing digital forensics tools have no support, extremely limited support, or seriously broken support for processing Windows hibernation files. Hibernation Recon was the first and continues to be the only digital forensics tool to properly extract the active and slack contents of legacy and modern Windows hibernation files. The reputations of corporate, law enforcement, and military digital forensics experts depend on thoughtful and thorough analysis of electronic evidence, making Hibernation Recon a must-have tool.

What are people saying?

"So far I am VERY impressed, as the software has already found artifacts from some Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 hiberfil.sys files (that) we were unable to obtain in the past. Before Hibernation Recon, there really was no good tool out there, in my opinion, for decompressing Win8 & 10 hiberfil.sys files. I have already recommended your Hibernation Recon to 2 other groups within DoD."

— Digital Forensics Practitioner at United States Department of Defense

About Arsenal Recon

Our team is led by Mark Spencer, whose philosophy is "Don't settle for the easy way, strive for the right way." We are passionate about computer forensics and dedicated to the preservation and analysis of electronic evidence using the most powerful technologies available. In our quest to dig deeper, we grew tired of waiting for solutions to meet our needs - so we began building our own.


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