Caiman Communication Launches to Bring Innovative Software and Hardware Solutions to Mobile Operators in Africa and Latin America

Telecom Executives Using "Pain Points" Experience to Focus on Mobile Operator Challenges in Emerging Markets
C-Suite Experience that knows the Challenges for Mobile Operators.
C-Suite Experience that knows the Challenges for Mobile Operators.
MIAMI - Feb. 16, 2017 - PRLog -- Taking full advantage of the 60-plus years of telecoms experience of its founders with emerging markets, on both the operator and vendor side of the business, Caiman will bring innovative and disruptive technologies to mobile operators across Africa and Latin America. Caiman currently has four partner relationships, which enable it to bring technology sourced from the Americas, Europe, and Australia to these markets. Caiman provides sales and technical coverage for mid-sized technology companies which are not ready or able to directly sell to or service Africa and Latin America. Caiman has been engaging mobile operators with its dynamic offering since mid-December, and has already developed a multi-product pipeline on both continents. According to Caiman Co-founder Christophe Soulet, "After having worked in emerging markets for many decades and served as regional CEO at two of the larger mobile operators in Africa, my Caiman partners and I have a comprehensive understanding of what the mobile operators there need and their desire to analyze the newest solutions available to gain competitive advantage and to improve their profitability. This awareness is valuable for both Caiman's mobile operator clients as well as for current and future Caiman technology partners."

Caiman's current solutions include a counter measure (voice and text) to the OTT threat to operators, whose revenue streams continue to suffer from OTT activities. Caiman is already in conversation with four operators regarding this solution, and two beta tests are about to commence. This solution can immediately add incremental revenue to the operators' coffers with no upfront investment. An additional Caiman solution involves the use of cost-saving, warranted new and refurbished network and IT gear, which was previously only offered for sale in the Americas. In parallel, Caiman has the option to provide incremental revenue in buying excess network and IT components from its clients. Still another Caiman solution solves the ongoing operator problem of manual payments to its retail channels. This solution uses an automated system to increase accuracy, uncover sales trends, and fact-based indicators to help optimize your global go-to-market for breakthrough sales performance. Another Caiman offer is a turn-key SW package that uses analytics to decrease churn and enhance ARPU. This solution is in production with multiple operators, and its ROI is an expedited one.

Caiman continues to bring new technology partners into its portfolio and is actively in discussion with three additional partners. Technology companies interested in selling to the mobile market in Africa and Latin America should contact Caiman and possibly arrange to meet with us in Barcelona at MWC. Additionally, Caiman continues to seek additional qualified business development agents in both geographies. All Caiman agents must fully embrace Caiman's core values of Transparency, Integrity and Passion.

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