Tips on Forcing Spring Branches For Blooming Indoors

Bring branches indoors for forcing spring branches. Use these tips for forcing spring flowers in arrangements to brighten up rooms in your home.
By: Greenwood Nursery Inc.
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Branches Forced White Cherry in Vase
Branches Forced White Cherry in Vase
MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. - Jan. 30, 2017 - PRLog -- After several months of dreary winter weather, everyone is looking for signs of spring. One of the best ways to cure cabin fever is to go outdoors and cut some tree and shrub branches for forcing.

Late January into February is the best time for collecting spring forcing branches such as cherries, magnolias, forsythia, pussy willow, and quince. Early spring bloomers are what will have the best bloom buds for forcing during this time.

Pick a day where the temperatures are above freezing so the branches and buds are not frozen. The length to cut off depends on your plants and displaying containers. Larger branches need strong sturdy containers that will hold their weight and water.

Take the budded branches inside. Viewing each branch, clip off any dead or broken stems, remove any leaves or buds on the area that will be in water and make a fresh cut at the bottom end at an angle. Then make a cut into the angle to further assist with water absorption. This method works better than smashing the ends with a hammer that can damage the 'veins' that would have taken up the water. Place the freshly cut branches into a sturdy vase with warm water.

Place the branched arrangements in an area not in direct sun and out of the way of drafts. The branches only need clean water, which should be changed out every 4 to 5 days to keep fresh. As long as the water is being changed out as recommended, there is no need for any additives.

Over a couple of weeks, maybe sooner, flowers begin to appear and brighten up the rooms. Who doesn't enjoy bringing nature indoors, especially during the off-season? Flowers blooming in the late winter months are a wonderful mood lifter.

Not everyone has access to yards full of cherry trees, willows, forsythia or magnolias. offers branches for forcing flowers coming on from late January throughout the year. They also have branches for dogwoods, late spring cherries, viburnums, lilacs, hydrangeas, and a selection of evergreen branches. They sell retail to customers for their homes and wholesale to florists, floral distributors, wedding and event planners, resorts, hotels, and other commercial establishments.

"Our gardeners love going out into their yard in mid-winter to collect branches for forcing," notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery. "The key to successful forcing is to select branches with nicely formed buds. If the buds are small and really tight, they aren't likely to flower." Jones adds, "Choose vases or containers with heavy bottoms that aren't easily tipped over with warm water." Says Jones, "Place forced branches near your entry door. You see the flowers as they emerge. It's a wonderfully subtle way to brighten your day."

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