British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Aims to Set World Record & Heal The Planet On World Hypnotism Day

Facebook Live Video Broadcast Could Change The Lives of Millions Worldwide
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Jonathan Royle Hypnotist
Jonathan Royle Hypnotist
ROCHDALE, U.K. - Dec. 4, 2016 - PRLog -- British Hypnotist & Celebrity Mind Therapist Jonathan Royle, aged 41 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, is hoping to set a New World Record by Hypnotizing Millions of People around the planet during a Facebook Live Video Broadcast scheduled for Wednesday, 4th January 2017 at 7pm UK GMT.

The approx 90 minute long Facebook Live Online Mass Hypnotherapy Treatment Session is taking place on World Hypnotism Day and is structured in such a way that whatever your Habit, Addiction, Fear, Phobia or other Emotional Issue and/or Health Complaint may be from A through to Z, this session is practically guaranteed to help you change your life for the better in so many positive ways.

During The Facebook Live Hypnotherapy Treatment Session Viewers Will:

Experience The Power of Your Own Mind To Stick You to your chair so that you are then unable to Stand up …

*Discover That Your Fingers Can turn into Magnets and take on a life of their own …

*Imagine that your hands are locked together and then turn this imagination into reality in the most amazing manner …

*Find that you are able to take control of your own mind in ways you never thought possible and along the way prove this to yourself by mentally locking, welding and cementing your eyes shut together …

*Using your Powers of Intelligence, Imagination and Concentration Effectively to follow the simple instructions you will be given during the FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST, you could also potentially overcome or positively improve any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or other Emotional and/or Health issues you may have from A through to Z in a positive manner …

Attend the Virtual Online Event & Help Us Set A New World Record

As well as helping to spread the word about the positive power of Hypnosis, Royle also hopes to be able to help possibly millions of people to change their lives for the better whilst setting a new World Record for the World's Largest Ever Virtual Facebook Live Video Broadcast Hypnotherapy Session.

Christmas is Coming So Let Hypnotist Royle Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

The Live Online event is taking place on 4th January and so is perfectly timed to help ensure that you are able to easily keep to any and all New Year's Resolutions that you may make for yourself, as participating in this will seriously help programme your mind and body for success.

Further Details of the Event Are on the Official Web Page Here


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