Jay Cheel Film, "How To Build A Time Machine", Unwittingly Proves Ronald L. Mallett A Fraud

A documentary that made its New York city premiere at the Doc NYC Festival, inadvertently exposes the flaws in the narrative of one of its most prominent subjects, University of Connecticut physics professor, Ronald L. Mallett.
Marshall Barnes prepares a demonstration of his time machine at Heroes and Games
Marshall Barnes prepares a demonstration of his time machine at Heroes and Games
NEW YORK - Nov. 14, 2016 - PRLog -- Surprisingly, a documentary by director, Jay Cheel, portraying a sympathetic, inspiring story of famed physicist and time travel theorist, Ronald Mallett, inadvertently exposes undermining facts. How To Build A Time Machine, tells a story, critic, Josh Brunsting of Criterion Cast, says "chronicles not only man's relationship to the concept of time travel but two specific people, with vastly different histories with the theory. We meet Ron Mallett, a theoretical physicist who flocked to the concept after suffering a personal tragedy. Then there's Rob Niosi, a Hollywood prop maker who finds nostalgia in the tactile nature of a classic like The Time Machine, so much so that the man attempts to recreate that very machine."

Ronald Mallett's drawing the attention, and for controversial reasons.

"Ronald Mallett is the biggest fraud in the history of physics," noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes sneers. "He's getting attention for something he's never completed, never got off the ground, and with no evidence he ever intended to. He uses 'the compelling and touching story of a man whose deep childhood trauma -- at age ten the sudden death of his father -- drove him on a quest to build a time machine', as his literary agent, Paul Bresnick sells it, to con audiences into thinking he has anything relevant, as far as time travel science is concerned. Not even the possibility pigs can fly, could be further from the truth".

Marshall, long a Mallett critic since learning Mallett conned him out of 5 years of development on his own time machine project, under the pretense of Mallett completing his first. Later, Mallett turned down the opportunity to work with Marshall's when the time limit was up. Marshall beat him in the publicly declared race to see who could make one first, in 2013 but with help from Lavin Agency, Scott J. Cooper CEO of World Patent Marketing, and a duped media, Mallett's kept alive the myth he's building a time machine. However, Marshall's proving Mallett a fraud.

In a trailer for the film, Mallett states, "When I was eleven, I saw The Time Machine, by H.G.Wells. I said, 'This is the way I get to see my father again...I was obsessed with wanting to see my father again.  And I was obsessed with wanting to control time. I had a mission. My goal was to figure out how to build a time machine."

Marshall replies, "He's accomplished neither and I've done both".

Mallett's never written a paper on time travel or built a machine. In fact, last year, PBS NewsHour revealed Mallett admitted it would take energy at "stellar quantities" to twist time using his approach - meaning his idea for time travel is impossible. Marshall, who's written papers and did a whole book resolving 100% of the issues surrounding the possibility of time travel, built a functioning time machine on the level originally claimed by Mallett and has demonstrated it at such venues as Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis (see https://www.prlog.org/12592744.html ). Now, he's developing two additional machine designs and produced the first table top experiment proving parallel universes exist.

However, as Cheel aptly depicts in his well crafted documentary, Mallett relies on invoking sympathy for his personal story more than his actual knowledge of the time travel physics he sought to save his father.

"Of course, there's consequences. If I change his life, then that's going to change my life."

Marshall explains, "That implies a causal link between Mallett's proposed action of going back in time and the assumed result thereof", but if a particle were to do that, based on the geometry Mallett's suggests, the particle would interfere with itself - violating the Copenhagen interpretation and Mallett knows this. He knows part of the solution - the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis, invoking parallel universes, so why even mention a thing as 'consequences' from this. It confuses people and proves Mallett's own incompetentcy on time travel".

Marshall grabs quotes from Mallett's book, Time Traveler.

"The theory I developed is attached to a device, so if the device is created today and was left on for a year, a year from now I could come back to today. I would not be able to go back any further than that. No matter what method is used, the laws of physics will only allow you to travel back in time to the point that the process was started."

"As a theoretical physicist, I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work".

Marshall continues, "Remember - the theory he developed is attached to a device he designed. Come up with a better device and a competent theory then. I did! But he doesn't have the intelligence - the "aptitude", which I accused him of, before I read that in his book".

Eight years ago, Spike Lee said, "I'm elated to have acquired the rights to a fantastic story on many levels, but also a father-and-son saga of loss and love," however, there's still no film. Current revelations dim the chance he'll get a studio to green light it. Meanwhile, Marshall's own film, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines, is produced and a tell-all book about his conflict with Mallett, The Great Time Machine War, will be released for the holiday season.

"Never, in the annals of science, has one man gotten so much attention, accolades and avis d'e'loge for doing nothing - than Ronald L. Mallett".


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