Terry Sacka Discusses America's Loss of Credibility on The Wealth Transfer

Terry Sacka made a recent appearance on the Wealth Transfer News Show with Dr. Charles Vance to discuss America's credibility loss and the attack it has on our dollar dominance. The destruction amongst the leadership is continuing to impact the dollar's dominance globally. Meanwhile under the pressure of the Deutsche Bank's collapse, along with the Italian, Greek, and Spanish banks, troubles and debt burdens weigh heavy on the western economic system.
By: Cornerstone Asset Metals
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Terry Sacka - Wealth Transfer Show 2016
Terry Sacka - Wealth Transfer Show 2016
JUPITER, Fla. - Oct. 18, 2016 - PRLog -- In part one of the four-part series, Mr. Sacka opened the show with criticisms of the current presidency and handling of the nation's affairs by stating, "We have to, as American people, wake up from our ether state ... and know that our country has lost tremendous credibility. So much so in the last 7 years that they (other nations) mock us and they think we're a joke."

To support his claims, he mentioned the recent G20 Summit over Labor Day weekend which was hosted in China and attended by the top world economic powers (Group of Twenty). In the photograph they had last year, President Obama was isolated and standing in the wives club while the other leaders were standing together. In the photograph this year, the president seems to be positioned away from the world leaders' power structure again.

The photograph can be seen in the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRJgSTUjMMU

He went on to say, "We (America) have lost tremendous credibility under the democratic regime. They're just wimps ... liberal progressives typically are. The world sees that and they know it. I love my country but I just can't stand the socialists."

Mr. Sacka gave additional examples of the loss of American credibility and how the Russians and Chinese have now dominated the narrative. He warns if this is to continue it will have a serious impact on the American dollar and our standard of living.

About Terry Sacka
Mr. Sacka has been quoted several times by some of the most respected financial publications, such as Investor's Business Daily and Institutional Investor and even on the Wikipedia page "Silver as an Investment".

He believes that the most valuable assets are gold, silver and survival food, which they provide at Cam Ready Food (http://camreadyfood.com), and heirloom seeds at https://heavensharvest.com/.

Company website: http://cornerstoneassetmetals.com/wealth-transfer/


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