Marshall Barnes Proves He Has The First Time Machine In The World at Heroes and Games

Saturday at the announced event in Columbus, OH at the comic book store, Heroes and Games, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng showed that his Verdrehing Fan time machine opens micro wormholes that swallow infrared waves, making them disappear completely.
Marshall Barnes explains his time machine (Copyright 2016)
Marshall Barnes explains his time machine (Copyright 2016)
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Oct. 3, 2016 - PRLog -- As NBC's time travel adventure show, Timeless premieres tonight, internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes has out done it when Saturday afternoon, Marshall publicly demonstrated his Verdrehung Fan™ as a real time machine at Columbus, OH's Heroes and Games store in the Columbus Convention Center. This proves Marshall's announcement, that he has the technology to now start the world's first time travel development program, which spells bad news for World Patent Marketing who is trying to raise money for Ronald Mallett to do the same. The big difference - Mallett has no technology and according to Marshall, isn't smart enough to ever design a working time machine.

"Mallett has been benefiting from the distribution of Youtube videos with misleading titles, such as "Ronald Mallett Builds a Time Machine". Of course, taken at face value, that's a lie. He hasn't built anything. The other is "Ronald Mallett: Sending Binary Code Through Time". He hasn't done that either and his idea of how it would work, and why, is nonsense and I proved it in a paper I wrote. The truth is Ronald Mallett is a fraud. The truth is Ronald Mallett relies on other people's exaggerations, misstatements and out and out lies, to promote his unwarranted reputation. The truth is that as much as Ronald Mallett uses his self-proclaimed love of his dead father for having him get involved in physics in order to build a time machine and save his father's life in the past, the brutal truth is that he let a simple misinterpretation of a space-time geometry, known as a closed time-like curve, keep him from doing anymore research into time travel. Meanwhile, I found the solution that would enable him to theoretically see his father in the past, which even came from one of Mallett's own mentors, proving conclusively that not only is he a light weight when it comes to time travel, but he didn't even love his father enough to keep looking for a solution that would enable him to see him. Pathetic".

At the Heroes and Games event, a contest winner was supposed to interact with Marshall's time machine by beaming infrared pulses from a remote control to activate a VCR on the opposite side of the device. A winner was selected but then during the set-up time, something happened and they had to leave. Marshall then just started the demonstration on his own and at the same time gave an impromptu lecture on time travel. The assembled small group of onlookers were stunned when Marshall demonstrated that when the field was activated and running for a while that the remote control had no effect on the VCR while when the field was deactivated, the remote had no trouble controlling the VCR, even when aimed directly at the Verdrehung Fan™. The event was filmed for inclusion in his upcoming film, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines.

NBC's Timeless debuts tonight while Marshall is readying his own short series of video clips called, "The Real Science of Time Travel", in response to the Sean Carroll "Science of Time Travel" clip that was done as a promo for the NBC program. As usual, the purpose is to promote accurate time travel physics information.

"At first glance, the plot with Timeless is that they have to chase after a criminal who stole a time machine, in order to keep him from changing the past," Marshall says. "That's not what would happen in real life since any time travel to the past would create a new, parallel universe copy of that past, without a causal link to the original present. So that premise doesn't hold. However, it could be cool if eventually, they figure that out.  That would make the show truly original in its concept. Right now, it's just a derivative of the time travel cancelled TV show, Rewind, which has the exact kind of line-up, a white guy and woman and an African American guy going back in time where there are challenges for the having the African American guy with them. They're trying to change the past to change their present where New York has been destroyed. Equally erroneous, from the physics point of view, but a bit more original than Timeless. Hopefully, Timeless won't have the same fate".

Marshall's clips will include the true nature of time, why paradoxes are scientifically impossible, and his intensions to develop his time travel program as they do in Timeless. They will also feature plenty of footage of the Verdrehung Fan™.

Marshall will be appearing Friday night, October 7th on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis to discuss his new time travel development program, his recent breakthroughs in time travel physics and his new book about his campaign to expose Ronald Mallett as a fraud, The Great Time Machine War. Look for the whole thing to be streamed live on Ustream.

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