Matthew Brickman Explains Why Alimony Reform Should Die In Florida

Matthew Brickman details the issues surrounding the pending Florida Alimony Reform Statute expected to pass in 2016. He offers solutions on how to repair the alimony and timesharing structure that is currently broken within the system and improve child support calculations.
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iMediate Inc - Family Mediation Florida
iMediate Inc - Family Mediation Florida
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Feb. 22, 2016 - PRLog -- In 2015 The Senate Judiciary Committee initially approved Senate Bill 1248 on a unanimous vote that would end permanent alimony in an effort to fundamentally change Florida’s alimony system.

The bill would determine a formula for the length and amount of alimony while also creating a “50-50” child-sharing arrangement. The bill passed both The House and The Senate, only to be vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Matthew Brickman recently released a video on his YouTube Channel explaining his point, "I did 282 mediations in 2015 and I got a lot of feedback from people concerning the alimony form. I believe that alimony reform should die in the state of Florida - most people are simply looking for additional monies to supplement child support. It's the child support calculations that need a massive overhaul."

The full video can be seen below:

Mr. Brickman went on to make the following points:

Child and Timesharing should be separate bills.

Rehaul child support based on a daily basis within specific age brackets.

Child support should reflect actual cost it takes to raise a child.

Many people are misinformed with tender years doctrine that presumes a "tender" years (generally regarded as the age of four and under), the mother should have custody of the child. Fathers are just as important.

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About Matthew Brickman:

Matthew Brickman has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a county civil family mediator who has worked in the 15th and 19th Judicial Circuit Courts since 2009 and 2006 respectively. He is also an appellate certified mediator who has mediated a variety of small claims, civil, and family cases that number in the hundreds.

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