Revenge Killings - The Cop. The Serial Killer. The Manhunt

A true account of a war vet and police officer Chris Dorner who was ultimately burned alive in the end by the LAPD. It's a controversial case. Of course it would be when the players are, a frustrated black Cop who killed because of racism, over-zealous LAPD with a bad history, and trigger-happy cops shooting innocent civilians.
By: RJ Parker Publishing
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Kindle eBook Edition
Kindle eBook Edition
NEW YORK - Jan. 24, 2016 - PRLog -- Chris Dorner was a cop with the LAPD who was fired after reporting that his training officer beat up a suspect. He appealed. Lost. Then snapped. In his manifesto that he posted on Facebook he vowed to kill those associated with him being fired, and their families.

His first victim, was the daughter of the LAPD lawyer who represented him, and her fiance. This case is most recent, 2013, and includes the all-out manhunt for Dorner, and his controversial death.

WITH 15 PHOTOS of which some are GRAPHIC

Available January 28, 2015 on Amazon in eBook and Paperback. Coming in Audiobook in February.

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