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Cycling pad (chamois) Foam density is not a weight, it’s a measurement of mass per unit volume and it’s measured in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3); Honeycomb use foams measuring 60kg/m3, 80kg/m3 and 120kg/m3.
Dec. 29, 2015 - PRLog -- Hualian has created 3 kinds performance pads for Triathlon / Road / Off Road used, with a single density foam which guarantees optimal protection while the highly elastic foam provides total freedom of movement and excellent fit.

what is honeycomb foam?

Honeycomb foam are created by Hualian pads. It has been studied and made with a greater density (120 kg/m3) of lightweight micro-perforated foams featuring a high  elasticity and density , which ensure maximum comfort and efficient moisture absorption during long and intense cycling.

what are honeycomb foam feature?

Honeycomb foam are different with traditional foam  without a little hole, which as a whole are covered with tiny holes, such as honeycomb structure it has a stronger permeability and moisture absorption function, your leg strenuous exercise sweat produced quickly absorbed and excreted by the cycling pad in the foam.

Single high density foam insert main shaped to provide maximum comfort to the perineal pressure points. The honeycomb foam's moisture wicking for better fit also to avoid possible chafing problems during long distance competition.

Honeycomb foam great performance and maximum comfort come from a long series of severe test protocols from top professional road and mountain bike riders.

The combination of our new single high density protection and our top of the line hualian pads. Carbonium fabric with bacteriostatic properties enhances this chamois pad  and places it in our long distance category.

Honeycomb foam pad created by Hualian pads.The high density and elasticity foam made the comfort and long distance biker rides.

Hualian pads supply cycling pads for bicycles and motorcycles apparel accessories.Hualian is a Chinese company founded by America partners with established experience in the market.A dynamic company constituted in China,whose purpose is to supply competitive and quality cycling pads,to all companies around the world.

Hualian cycling pad

website at: http://www.hlcycle.com

Honeycomb-Foam Pad Cycling Products At :  http://www.hlcycle.com/project/best-cycling-pad-for-short...

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