Tacvent – The Tactical Solution For Avoiding Overheating Of Body Armors!!

Tacvent have been introduced to address the issues of the usual ballistic armors. To know more about riot gears, the flight jackets, the flight gloves, the footwear and other tactical tools, reach out to the online portal, Worldwide Tactical.
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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Sept. 18, 2015 - PRLog -- You might have heard about soldiers who have miraculously escaped from the great wars. Yes, it is the brave attempt of them, which has to be appreciated, they have spent their blossom years in the severe hot and the cold conditions, but there are some other things which have helped them to progress in the field; the tactical equipments!! The tactical tools which they use, which includes the ballistic armors, the vest and other rifles and guns for self-protection are, in fact, are crucial which determines the life span of the struggling soldiers. But many of them simply detest the idea of wearing armors and vests; had they worn, they would have saved their own lives. So it is high time that we evaluate through the reasons of why they are being used. For more details about Military textile closeouts visit http://wwtactical.com

Did you have the opportunity to wear these armors? If you have, you would not go for a second chance as they are terribly hot and heavy, too. You would start perspiring in the normal conditions, then you can never guess what would happen in the after-stages? The uniform and the equipment designers have long been trying to involve new concepts that would solve the overheating issue to a great extent. A thick fishnet material, which would just absorb the moisture are being embedded in the undershirts, to enhance more circulation between the wearer and the vest. New technologies also have been created and developed with the recent one known as Tacvent, an American technology, which would lower the temperatures as well as make the bodies cool.

How did the search begin?
Tacvent, is now the invention of Jeff Shelton, who being a police officer knew how difficult it was to handle a vest or an armor. Because of the rising heat, it was a challenging act to wear the armors and Shelton used to continuously leave the armors on the cupboards. The SWAT team, in which he was a team member once had an assignment, in which a five-hour search was evolved. The exercise has been usually 10-15 minutes long and after this search, the team was highly exhausted. They couldn’t imagine how the soldiers used them in the warfare!!

The Working phase
As it is a corrugated panel, with vent holes and is usually made of a thermal plastic elastomer, the armors create air channels that would act as the surviving holes for the soldiers.

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