Ronald Mallett Admits Time Machine To Cost $Ms, Making Marshall Barnes Undisputed Time Travel Expert

Ronald Mallett's appearance on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, reveals that in no way, has the man who has claimed to be making a time machine, have anything of the sort. Now, it appears that it has all been misinformation and hype.
Left to right: Marshall Barnes & Ronald Mallett at 2007 MarCon. Copyright 2007
Left to right: Marshall Barnes & Ronald Mallett at 2007 MarCon. Copyright 2007
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Aug. 2, 2015 - PRLog -- "Why don't you just do a Kickstarter?", George Noory asked on Tuesday night's episode of Coast To Coast AM, the popular overnight radio show. The answer he got was long and complicated, but for the first time it seemed to imply a shocking revelation. Dr. Ronald Mallett, of the University of Connecticut, the man made famous for his self-proclaimed mission to make time travel a reality, said not only would he require the familiar figure of $250,000 but in order to build his design for a time machine, the total amount would be in neighborhood of a whopping $6.5 million or more.

This astonishing figure raises doubts that Ronald Mallett's dream of building a time machine will ever be realized and questions if he merited all the worldwide attention he has received. In reality, he has only discovered controversial solutions from equations from Einstein's General Relativity, filed a provisional patent for a device design which has now expired, and created a misleading model depicting the concept for how his time machine would work in theory (This model has been misinterpreted by many people to actually be his time machine) and proposed a flawed use for the machine that, if it were ever built, would fail its objective even if the machine were to work, which can now be proved, impossible.

The negatives against Mallett's time machine idea come from an array of well known and respected theoretical physicists - Kip Thorne, Ken Ollum, Allen Everett, J. Richrd Gott and allegedly, Stephen Hawking. But the most explicit and devastating criticism is from internationally noted R and D engineer, Marshall Barnes, a former Mallett supporter turned competitor who defeated Mallett in a race to build the first time machine in November of 2013. His winning device, the Verdrehung Fan™, is now opening micro wormholes long enough to transmit IR and RF waves out of our space-time to somewhere else, through the center region of the device, regardless of which side the transmissions are sent from. The geometry this suggests is the classic, toroidal donut shape of a flat faced traversable wormhole, although in this case, it's a region of that shape, filled with a rapidly opening and closing mesh of micro wormholes influenced by the rapidly spinning gravitic effects created by the machine's electromagnetically produced field. The device has been demonstrated in classrooms and videos of it shown at space science conferences, astonishing audiences there. It's to be featured in an upcoming documentary, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines.

"Look, here's the deal with Ronald Mallett," Marshall began, "he's a theoretical physicist but when it comes to temporal mechanics, he's in grade school. His knowledge is strictly superficial and I can say it because when I met him in 2007, my own knowledge was on a level above his but far below where I am now. Now, I'm light years away from where I was and he's still talking the same erroneous stuff. Go to Youtube and look at any of the interviews he's done, from 20001 to last year, and the information he espouses on time travel is exactly the same. Now for a PhD, who has no problem copping an academic attitude, that's pathetic."

Among the mistakes Mallett made on the program was the idea a time machine won't allow for time travel before the time machine was created. Marshall points out this is a critical point because this limitation would prevent Mallett from seeing his deceased father in the past, which was the motive that Mallett cites as why he wanted to become a theoretical physicist to begin with.

"The reason Mallett repeats such nonsense is because its derived from the idea all time machines create closed timelike curves, which isn't true. The reason physicists believe it is is they've been so intimidated by their peers, who for so long thought they'd be crazy for researching time travel, they never dared look beyond known elements of theory already recognized. What good is that? It's like not daring to look past Newtonian physics. I covered all of Mallett's errors and describe what the solutions are, in my breakthrough book on time travel, based on the report I wrote for members of Congress, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel (see )."

"I can see why he would acknowledge the limitation of that particular model, but what is simply unforgivable is the fact he just accepted it as the ultimate answer. I certainly didn't and the alternative I discovered is connected to the true nature of how time functions, itself. I have conducted experiemnts revealing the true nature of time because I wanted answers. After all, how can you claim to be working on a time machine if you don't even understand how time works? It's why Mallett isn't an expert on time travel. He hasn't continued his fundamental research. I have. In interviews you don't hear me ever saying anything that produces paradoxes or causality violating scenarios, because if I'm supposed to be an expert, I better know the self-consistent answers, and I do."

Marshall successfully built the Verdrehung Fan™ in 2012 to test the protocols Mallett had set for a functioning time machine, and before the end of that year, Marshall was giving classroom demonstrations of the Verdrehung Fan™ warping space due to the special STDTS™ technology produced electromagnetic field he invented. By Thanskgiving of 2013 he proved the device was opening micro wormholes through which IR and RF waves transmitted into the device would begin to be disrupted and finally, completely disappear in the center and not appear out the opposite side, regardless of which direction they were sent from. To the contrary, in the over 10 years Mallett has been associated with time travel, Mallett has had no machine to demonstrate his theory, only a model of how it would allegedly work, using a ring laser and dry ice. It is this model, featured in the documentary, ironically named, The World's First Time Machine, and in other media, that misled the public into thinking he actually has a prototype time machine built. Lavin, the agency representing him, continues to promote a Youtube video named, The World's First Time Machine, though it's not a segment from the documentary. Marshall is no longer sitting by and allowing this misrepresentation of the facts to go unchallenged.

"The way, besides releasing my documentary, to put a stop to this B.S. is to publish a paper on why Mallett's design idea won't work, proving even his approach to time travel is so flawed, it's pathetic. Until then, many people will be misled and unsuspecting individuals will contribute to his project that has no chance of working."

Marshall has begun the paper, titled, Ring Lasers, Closed Timelike Curves, Causality Violation and the Total Design Failure of Ronald Mallett's Time Machine of Space-Time Twisting By Light. He's expecting its release by the end of August.
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