Investigation Shows Playas Veterinary Clinic Does Not Have Basic Medical Equipment or Facilities

By: The Lyon Agency
LOS ANGELES - June 11, 2015 - PRLog -- A consumer investigation revealed this week that emergency Veterinary Clinic Vet Playas is lacking in basic equipment and facilities. This is contrary to claims on the Vet Playas website that the clinic is fully equipped with modern medical tools and facilities.

"Our pets are part of our family and deserve the best possible Veterinary care during an emergency. Vet Playas sells itself as an ER Vet Clinic; however, they cannot be trusted to give your pet excellent care," said Joe Jones who was part of the consumer investigation.

The report reveals Vet Playas does not have an ultrasound machine that works and do not have an in house lab to test pets' blood. Their website falsely states they do have these things.

"Vet Playas cannot test blood lab work after hours, but they claim to be an emergency Veterinarian clinic. Their x-rays do not produce quality images. The Veterinarians at Vet Playas are not able to perform all types of emergency surgeries," Jones said.

Dr. Fimbres, their senior Veterinarian, does not speak English. The owner, Ronald Richards, does not speak Spanish and works from home, yet they advertise that English is spoken. This is misleading because they do not have a translator on staff. Most importantly, there are no reliable after hours emergency Veterinary clinics in Tijuana, so if your pet is ill, and Vet Playas cannot help your pet, you will have no way to get your pet back into the U.S., since you cannot legally cross a sick animal back into the U.S. from Mexico.

Further, anyone who brings their pet to Vet Playas from the U.S., may have no U.S. legal recourse against Vet Playas, if Vet Playas is negligent. You are not saving any money if you take your pet to a place that is not set up to handle after hours emergencies. If you are concerned about money, try Trupanion or Pet's Best insurance. If you don't have insurance and you have an emergency, try Care Credit. Your pet deserves the best during an emergency, contact an American veterinarian for quality pet care. There are a few excellent Veterinarians in Tijuana, that work during regular business hours, Vet Playas isn't one of them.

Yelp is hiding all of the accurate negative Vet Playas reviews. Only the positive reviews are being recommended by Yelp and factored into Yelp's score.


New York Attorney General Schneiderman discovered an ad that stated: “I need someone who is a YELP expert to post positive reviews for a spa that will not be filtered using legitimate existing yelp accounts must have at least 10 friends on Yelp. Please be a yelp expert!! I will pay $10 per-review after 3 days they must meet the criteria above.” So you have to wonder if you can really trust these positive reviews.

For more information about Vet Playas reviews posted on Yelp, visit:

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