Math Concentration Hosts Community Workshop To Educate Elementary And Middle School Teachers

---Educators Are More Likely to Succeed Through Willingness of Change---
It Works---It's a Snap Workshop 2015
It Works---It's a Snap Workshop 2015
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - March 28, 2015 - PRLog -- [Coral Springs, Fl] [March 27, 2015] –- This new generation feels empowered. These individuals respond better to mentors and coaches, not autocrats. Therefore, educators who hold on tightly to traditional teaching strategies, theories and philosophies will have a hard time reaching these individuals. Keep in mind; we are teaching individuals who are developing at exponential rates. Thus, educators should also evolve and adapt and change their teaching methods in such a way that empowers these individuals to reach their full potential. That’s why Math Concentration is hosting It Works---It’s A Snap! Summer Workshop (MUST DO’S for Educators) and provide important information about professional grant writing, infusing technology, and differentiating instruction to elementary and middle school teachers in Coconut Creek, Fl.

“Obtaining grants, infusing technology, and differentiating instruction are key components that will not only transform your classroom into a viable workspace but foster student engagement.” Said Wanda Collins, President, Math Concentration. “We hope this workshop will encourage elementary and middle school teachers to be more open to a student-centered classroom, allow students to be active participants in their learning, and build rapport with their students.”

It Works---It’s A Snap! Summer Workshop will equip educators with knowledge and strategies that will enable them to "bring out the best" in their students. Educators will learn about invaluable techniques and resources that will help them reach their 21st century learners and increase their engagement. The following sessions will transform your classroom into a new millennial workspace. Topics will include "Using Math Centers to Differentiate & Motivate," "Infusing Technology into Your Classroom, Like a Boss" and "What Every Teacher Ought to Know About Professional Grant Writing"

Math Concentration will hold It Works---It’s A Snap! Summer Workshop on July 11, 2015, 10am -3pm at SOS Children’s Village of Florida’s Community Center, Coconut Creek, Fl

“This is an important educational campaign, especially in light of a generation representing 25.9% of the population and who have grown up in a connected world and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.” Wanda Collins, President, Math Concentration.

QuickFacts:6 Facts About Gen Z

ƒ   79% display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices. [University of Maryland]

ƒ    90% would be upset if they had to give up their Internet connection while only 51% would give up eating out and 56% would give up downloading music. [JWT (]

ƒ   84% multitask with an Internet-connected device while watching TV. [Forrester Research (]

ƒ   60% of Gen Zers say they like to share their knowledge with others online, a sign of collaborative skills. [Wikia (]

ƒ   66% say that technology makes them feel that anything is possible. [Wikia (]

ƒ   52% use YouTube or other social media sites for a typical school research assignment. [Pew Research (]

For More Information

For more information about fostering student engagement, sharing best practices, and collaborating with other educators, students and parents visit the Math Concentration web site [Those interesting in registering for this workshop should call 954-543-0479 or register online at .

About Math Concentration

Founded in 2010, Math Concentrationis an online math community providing free tutoring and homework help via forum, virtual whiteboard, and chat to middle school students who struggle with math. Math Concentration’s mission is to provide a plethora of math resources: tutorials, printables, blogs, forums, and more that teachers, parents, and students will appreciate.

Bryan Fiese’s 10 Rules of Student Engagement

Engagement begins with a smile at the door.

2.     Arrange classroom seats using a semi-circle or U-shaped setup.

3.     Start out the beginning of the class period gaining rapport with students. Ask questions, share stories about things that relate to the topic of the day.

4.     Deliver all lessons with enthusiasm. (Voice shifts, pauses, body language).

5.     Use supporting technology 55% of the time.

6.     Facilitated learning- students should be talking 80% of the time.

7.     Delivery information and instruction using NLP (audio, visual, kinesthetic)

8.     Help students using their specific brain function. (Brain plasticity)

9.      Set an attainable goal for the period.

10.   Remember CHANGE IS GOOD – Keep the students wondering what’s happening next!

Source:  Motivated Teacher,

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