Semantic Web Company launches groundbreaking functionalities for Knowledge Graph Management and Text Analytics

With the new 5.0 version of PoolParty Semantic Suite, Semantic Web Company introduces innovative methods of taxonomy and ontology management and highly precise entity extraction through the entire lifecycle of semantic knowledge graphs. The solution improves the efficiency and reliability of linked data based applications, increasing the value of enterprise information by interlinking dispersed data silos.
Example of a Knowledge Graph
Example of a Knowledge Graph
Jan. 26, 2015 - PRLog -- Semantic Web Company ( today announced the release of version 5 of its taxonomy management and knowledge graph management software platform. This release of PoolParty Semantic Suite ( offers exciting new features including support for ontology management, custom schema management, enhanced entity extraction, linked data harvesting, web crawling, auto-classification in enterprise systems like SharePoint, Confluence or Drupal, and much more.

“This release encompasses new functionality to make working with enterprise vocabularies and knowledge graphs based on SKOS, RDF Schema and other Semantic Web standards easier than ever before. We’ve gone above simply integrating ontology management with taxonomy management by offering innovative methods that let taxonomists and metadata managers harness the full power of enterprise knowledge graphs more readily,” said Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company. “With enhancements including a powerful new web crawler, an extended rule engine, and improved text mining, we’ve addressed customer requests and provided must-have new functionality for anyone working with semantic technologies.”

PoolParty supports business stakeholders who need to work on defining and linking standards-based taxonomies, ontologies and linked data graphs used for precise auto-classifcation, data integration, knowledge graph management and semantic search.

New features of PoolParty 5.0 include:

Highly precise entity extraction: In addition to the thesaurus based entity extraction service and PoolParty’s language-independent free term & phrase extractor, which have been introduced in earlier releases, PoolParty now offers a configurable and rule-based disambiguation service.

Deep integration with SharePoint, Drupal & Confluence: PoolParty’s support for (semi-)automatic tagging, content classification, semantic search, and content recommendation in order to extend the functionality of popular content and collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Confluence or Drupal have been further extended.

Fully integrated web crawler: A basic principle of PoolParty Semantic Suite is the support of learning loops when developing semantic knowledge graphs, which should reflect the underlying information and content base as exactly as possible. PoolParty 5 now has several ways to analyse various content streams, e.g. web crawling (with a configurable depth), content harvesting from Wikipedia/DBpedia, or RSS feeds.

Refined look & feel: PoolParty has been following the philosophy to make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. User experience and interface design is a central component of this approach. PoolParty 5 got an extensive redesign in order to ease a taxonomist’s life.

Full-blown ontology management & semantic reasoning: PoolParty-based knowledge modeling is not restricted to SKOS only, but it most often starts with it. To extend the ontology behind SKOS, PoolParty editor provides easy-to-learn dialogues. Widely used ontologies from the included library can be reused, e.g., FOAF, or vCard. Those can also be extended and remixed in order to create new custom schemas.

To learn more and get a comprehensive overview of capabilities for PoolParty 5.0, please attend the upcoming webinar on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EST or visit PoolParty 5 Release Notes.

About Semantic Web Company and PoolParty Software

Semantic Web Company (SWC) is a technology provider headquartered in Vienna (Austria). SWC supports organizations from all industrial sectors worldwide to improve their information management. PoolParty, SWC’s core product has outstanding capabilities to create and maintain knowledge graphs and to extract meaning from big data by making use of linked data technologies.

PoolParty is used for taxonomy and linked data management in various industries and by large organizations like Credit Suisse, The World Bank, Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Red Bull Media House, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, and many others.

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