How EDI Germany managed business continuity when their cloud storage disappeared overnight

Storage Made Easy Solution provided business continuity using its cloud to cloud backup feature.
Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution
Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution
LONDON - Dec. 29, 2014 - PRLog -- When EDI, a German professional services company, found that their cloud stored data was missing and that there data had been compromised, they had reason to be concerned.  Their data was stored by a German service provider using FTP and the service provider has been hacked resulting in the data being deleted.

However, as EDI were using the Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync on-premise Cloud Appliance the disruption to their business was minimal as they were taking advantage of a specific feature of the product, namely cloud to cloud backup.

This feature enabled them to assign Amazon S3 as a backup cloud. This meant that every file that EDI stored on the FTP server was also stored, encrypted with their assigned private key, on Amazon S3.

When their original data went missing the SME system automatically failed over in read only mode to the S3 account to ensure access to data was not disrupted. This also meant any links shared with other companies or individuals also continued to work.

Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle said, “Within a 72 hour period the original service provider was able to recover access to the original data and the Storage Made Easy  solution was able to provide EDI with business continuity in the interim. If the service provider  had not be able to recover the files SME would have been able to make the Amazon S3 backup files available for full read/write use and EDI would have been able to function as normal.”

Thomas Hoerig, EDI CTO, said, “A future proof system consists of a product with a rich feature set, backed by a vendor committed to extraordinary support. Vehera Ltd. impressively demonstrated that it was the right decision to rely on the Storage Made Easy solution."

About EDI:

EDI delivers as an independent consultancy specialized Consulting Services with a strong Information-Technology background.

EDI's areas of competence are:

+ IT related Business Consulting and Interim Management.
+ Technology Consulting focused on Business Applications and IT-Infrastructure.
+ Multi-Channel Integration Consulting.

The range of services is construed to the needs of IT and Business departments like Marketing or Sales of large companies and organizations. As neutral integrators EDI is committed at any time to the targets of its customers.

Further information can be found at

About Storage Made Easy:

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD who has offices in the UK,  USA and Switzerland. The SME solution allows IT to regain control of “cloud data sprawl” by unifying private/public company data and privately used employee cloud data solutions into a single converged infrastructure.

This can easily be managed and be used to set and enforce governance and audit controls for file access and sharing in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data.

This approach provided a solution to the “shadow IT” conundrum and makes it possible for companies to find a balance between the protection of corporate data and employee data by allowing businesses to monitor, secure and audit all data silos, be they private or cloud or company or employee, from a single access point.

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