Write House Publishing Presents CHECKMATE 4 by, National Bestseller Author, TIECE

CheckMate 4 is an African American romance novel that is filled with unbelievable twists and unexpected events. In CheckMate 4, the women are learning quickly that their men aren't worth the headaches. They're now taking back control.
AUGUSTA, Ga. - Dec. 23, 2014 - PRLog -- National Bestseller Author, Tiece, is back with CheckMate 4. The author has woven together a masterpiece that will entertain you until the very last word of the book. According to the 5 star reviews that are already coming in, Tiece has managed to lure in her audience once again.

Take this intense journey with Monty Banks as he's gone from being a player to now dealing with a broken-heart. Regrettably for him, a revelation has opened up a few skeletons in MiKayla’s closet causing him to question his true feelings for her. This almost sends him back in the arms of his baby mama. ALMOST… Unfortunately for him, Candy is done playing the fool. She has had enough of no love from a man that she’s given her all. Even though her heart has grown cold for him, it is certainly warming up to Brendon, Monty’s cousin. She is smitten with the attention that he’s giving her and life without her baby daddy is not looking so bad after all.

Mona has had enough of Rico’s deception. After catching him once again in a bold face lie she makes a drastic decision, wanting nothing more than to focus on her and their baby girl, and less on him. Meanwhile, their time apart may be what she needs in order to see what’s really good for her.

After being severely scorned and heartbroken, Dee is torn between staying in Georgia and possibly heading back home to live in Texas. Will a special visitor give her a change of heart? Or, will she catch the first ride smoking in hopes of leaving her bitter feelings behind?

In this Follow up, the tables have turned and the women are now in control. However, the men aren’t handing over their Queens without a fight. Are these broken relationships salvageable? Or, has love moved on to another? In any case there’s nothing to chance, because in this series the Winner Takes All…

CheckMate 4 is amusingly entertaining and loaded with unexpected drama throughout.

The entire series is available now on Amazon.com.






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