5 Reasons to Choose Sangfor WAN Optimization

Sangfor offers cost effective WAN optimization solutions to midsize enterprises
Sangfor offers cost effective WAN optimization solutions to midsize enterprises
Sangfor offers cost effective WAN optimization solutions to midsize enterprises
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Oct. 13, 2014 - PRLog -- These days, midsize organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of WAN optimization for network efficiency and productivity in general. However, many midsize enterprises feel overwhelmed when researching WAN optimization suppliers. Some products are extremely expensive, some are incredibly complicated to deploy, and some come from totally unknown companies - and information about quality, while plentiful, can also be confusing.

Sangfor Technologies has created an infographic to summarize the five most essential reasons to choose Sangfor for your enterprise’s WAN optimization needs.

1. Huge saving

The IT budget is a primary concern for most midsize enterprises considering WAN optimization. Sangfor positions itself as a cost-effective WAN optimization solutions provider for midsize enterprises. Sangfor not only offers low capital expenditure and zero operational expenditure WAN optimization solutions, but it also delivers significant return on investment, even for companies with very tight IT budgets. Anatoly Chikanov, vice president and network operations manager of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company, attested, "The Sangfor WAN optimization appliance is well worth the purchase."

2. Great performance

Sangfor products consistently provide better service and results than those offered by competitors. On average, customers have found that Sangfor WAN optimization appliances reduce redundant data by 90 percent and bandwidth utilization by 80 percent, and the devices have been able to accelerate data transfer speeds as much as tenfold. Sangfor WAN optimization devices are able to identify more than 1,000 applications, and they can enforce policies based on problems identified in the traffic analysis report.

3. Fast and easy installation

Many midsize enterprises struggle to deploy and operate WAN optimization appliances with a limited IT staff. Sangfor WAN optimization devices do not require a large IT team or extensive technical knowledge to install and manage. It takes about 30 minutes to deploy a Sangfor WAN optimization appliance. The devices are plug-and-play and are easily installed on the network without any additional configuration.

4. Credibility

More than 21,000 customers around the world have successfully used Sangfor network appliances to increase their network efficiency and reduce their IT costs. Sangfor has built a worldwide network of 680 global channel partners and 33 multinational distributors.

5. Direct access to deep domain expertise

Sangfor’s customers receive direct support from responsible and knowledgeable members of Sangfor’s engineering team. “The Sangfor engineer was very reactive and helpful. His technical expertise and responsiveness were one of the selling points to the solution,” remarked Tony Diaz, management information systems manager at Unified Care Services.

About Sangfor Technologies

Founded in 2000, Sangfor is a global provider of networking devices and services. Sangfor offers the latest networking technologies for midsize enterprises at an affordable cost. With 51 offices around the world —in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China — Sangfor has proudly helped more than 21,000 customers to increase their network efficiency and productivity while reducing IT costs. Leveraging its current success, Sangfor Technologies USA aims to make significant improvements in WAN optimization technologies for midsize enterprises. For more information, please visit www.sangfor.net.

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