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The current flag of Egypt which was designed in 1958 is the symbol of independence in the modern time. It consists of three colors, Black, White and Red, every color has asignificant meaning and in the middle there is an eagle which represents the em
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The regime in Egypt is republican and the political system is based on citizenship depending on legislative, executive and judicial authorities in addition to Journalism, political parties, local administration and civil society organizations.

“Islam” is the official religion in Egypt and almost non Muslim are Christian belong to orthodox rite beside small minority of Jews.

Administrative Division
Arab Republic of Egypt (A.R.E) is divided into 28 governorates; each one of them has an independent judiciary and consists of group of villages and cities.

Main Airports
Cairo Airport, Alexandria Airport, Luxor Airport, Hurghada Airport and Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

Egypt is the twenty-ninth country in the world in terms of area, the total area of Egypt is 1002450 Km2. It located in the northeastern side of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea in the meeting point of Africa, Asia and Europe. It borders the red sea in the east, Palestine and Israel northeast, Libya in the west and Sudan in the south.

The country is divided into 4 main geographical destinations:-

Nile Valley and Delta
The area between the two sides of the Nile River from Aswan and Luxor to Cairo then ramified into two branches Damietta and Rosetta.

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Western Desert (
Borders from Nile River in the east to Egypt and Libya borders in the west and from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the south border of Egypt with Sudan. It is distinguished by its fascinating oases such as Siwa, Baharya, Farfra, Kharga and Dakhla. The area of oases covers one third of its total area.

Eastern Desert (
Borders from Nile River in the west to the Red sea and Suez Gulf in the east and El Manzala Lake in the north to Egypt Sudan border in the south. This barren area is distinguished by a series of Red sea Mountains which height is more than 900m2 above the surface of the sea. It’s the richest natural resources in Egypt.

Sinai Peninsula
It’s a plateau looks like triangle connected from the northwest to the main part of Egypt (Suez Gulf). It is bordered by Mediterranean Sea in the North and Aqaba Gulf in the East. This area is ivided into three parts, South Sinai which includes St. Catherin; the highest mountain in Egypt with height 2640m2 above the surface of the sea, middle and north Sinai.

The total population of Egypt is estimated as 92.000.00 according to the 2013 census. Most people are living nearby Nile Valley and cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Port Said other cities are none inhabited like Western desert oases and the main area in Sinai.

The official language in Egypt is Arabic. There are a lot of people who master foreign languages such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish specially educated people.

An Overview about the History of Egypt (
Five thousand years of civilization contributed in the Egyptian cultural heritage, promoted its strength and independence of the citizens. The history of the country is a series of battles, glorious ages and victories, it may be divided into the following periods:-

 Pharaonic Age (3100 B.C – 332 B.C).
 Greek Age (332 B.C – 32 A.D).
 Roman Age (32 A.D – 638 A.D).
 Coptic Age (starts from 65 A.D).
 Islamic Age (640 A.D – 1517 A.D).
 Ottoman Age (1517 – 1882).
 French Invasion (1789).
 British Occupation on Egypt (1882 – 1952).
 23rd July revolution (1952) then declaring Egypt as republic country and evacuating English forces out of Egypt in 1954.
 6th October War (1973).
 Signing peace treaty with Israel (1979).
 Electing Mohamed Hosni Mubarak as the president of Egypt.
 Outbreak 25th January Revolution from Tahrir Square in Cairo.
 Mubark Step down on 11th February 2011.
 Electing Mohamed Morsi as the president of Egypt on 30th June 2012.
 Electing Mohamed Abd Elfatah El Sisi as the president of Egypt on  2014

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