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RatioAnalysis.net acts as a free eFinancial advisor for all business people and investors, through the free calculators and guidance about financial ratio analysis, which help them to make profitable financial decisions, through financial analysis
BROOKVALE, Australia - Sept. 5, 2014 - PRLog -- Many business people and also the interested investors find it difficult to get a clear picture of their own financial status and also about the present financial market scenario. But now quite a few free tools are available online for financial analysis, which can help the people in settling their financial matters, among which RatioAnalysis.net is definitely one of the most effective financial analyzer one can avail for accounting ratios.

RatioAnalysis.net is actually a Financial Ratio enterprise, started by an Australian investor Axel Tracy in 2011. Actually it is a division of the company Bidi Capital Pty Ltd; that operates online from Sydney, Australia, for of the use of its interested clients. Initially some professionally learned financial experts helped a lot in inventing the various kinds of calculators here for ratio analysis, the names of whom are mentioned in the ‘Acknowledgement’ section of this site. Plenty of business owners, managers of large corporate houses, investors of all financial status, as well as many students who want to manage their finances independently, are included among the clients of this online financial analysis company. 17 core financial ratio calculators are available in the site of this company totally free of cost, which can be used any time for analyzing the financial statements of the clients and subsequently enable them to take suitable financial decisions and increase their profit margins.

There are some paid products too, for which the clients need to pay a nominal charge, comparing to the beneficial value of those services; for example Premium membership and Premium Spreadsheet. But a client can avail of the free services forever as well. RatioAnalysis.net offers free calculating services and guidance, regarding the profitability ratio, liquidity ratio, leverage ratio, efficiency ratio, market ratios and premium ratios, which are few examples of commonly used financial ratios now. The main objective of this financial enterprise is to educate people in handling their own finances, so that they can elevate their gross profit percentage, without the help of any professional expert. Due to these financial calculators, anyone can now acquire more knowledge about different matters of commercial wealth management, like cash ratio, current ratio, debt ratio and payout ratio or issues regarding personal investments like earning per share or price/earnings ratio, making their lives wealthier with smoother finance.

Therefore, anyone interested in financial analysis of their economic status, can easily avail the accounting ratio service of RatioAnalysis.net, just by entering their official website http://www.ratioanalysis.net/en/, where free tools are available for doing every kind of financial ratios.

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