Tforward Makes Big Waves In CyberSpace

New online community hopes to spread the news of the victories won in civil and human rights.
LOS ANGELES - Aug. 27, 2014 - PRLog -- Think Forward, a grassroots social justice organization, recently launched its website, The website functions as an online magazine that focuses on encapsulating the efforts of inspirational people who are working to better their communities and the world at large. Think Forward hand picks local heroes who are working toward progress in civil rights and other areas like law, medicine, the environment, LGBT rights, disability rights, women's rights, animal rights and much more.

The Organization's Mission

A quick perusal of shows that the organization aims to highlight the efforts of individuals who are selflessly serving their communities and creating positive social change. Writers of the website's online content strive to shed light on those who are truly the personification of utilitarianism. Simply put, they uncover the efforts of individuals who are working to improve the greater good.'s writers then tell the stories of these activists to inspire humanity at large.

Who Is Covered has gotten off to an impressive start. Visitors will find well written articles that document the efforts of local activists and difference makers like Dr. Josie R. Johnson, Frank Mugisha, Morris Dees, Peter Tatchell, Patricia Ireland, Zainab Salbi, Anise Parker and Shyima Hall. These are the social activists who are feverishly working on the front lines to change their immediate surroundings in a positive way.

Visitors to the website will quickly learn that Think Forward isn't interested in beating the drum for the national names in the civil rights and social justice movements. Those heroes have had more than their fair share of attention. Everyone knows the stories of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass.

Yet few know about heroes on the local level like Aung San Suu Kyi, Sergio Cuellar and Beatrice Mtetw. Think Forward believes that it is time to draw attention to these lesser known heroes who've made it their life mission to build a better world. These individuals aren't devoting their time and effort to become national figures. They're living lives of selflessness in service to others and they likely don't care if anyone takes notice. Think Forward attempts to magnify their efforts to give these relatively unknown activists some recognition beyond the local level.

Grassroots Activism

While the national news media paints social movements with broad strokes and emphasizes the efforts of a handful of well known leaders, Think Forward tells the stories that the masses will likely never hear on television or read in national magazines. The grassroots leaders that the organization highlights have chosen to live their lives in a selfless manner and they are quite deserving of a moment in the spotlight. When visitors to read about the differences that hardworking individuals have made in their respective communities, they'll be inspired to act in a similar fashion and make strides to improve their own communities.

Moving Forward visitors who browse the website's content will find that the organization emphasizes the efforts of those who are dissatisfied with the status quo. The articles make it clear that significant social change is not only possible but practical. It is clear that the website's writers are constantly searching for interesting stories that are developing on the local level as all large scale social movements have grassroots. writers will continue to deliver more motivational stories about amazing people who deserve acclaim. features articles about these grassroots heroes who are still living as opposed to those whose efforts have been highlighted posthumously. By highlighting the valiant efforts of individuals who are performing their heroic work in this day and age, the website makes an effort to create social change more relevant. Readers are able to relate to contemporary grassroots activists whose efforts can be used as models to achieve social justice in today's unique political and cultural landscapes.

The Purpose of

Readers of the online magazine learn about how modern day activists are fighting for justice and how they are making a meaningful impact. Think Forward's founders believe that the abbreviated biographies featured on will help everyday people understand just how impactful they can be in their local communities. The website's founders work with writers to carefully select local heroes for the website's content with the hope that their stories will motivate readers to engage with their local politics, community organizations and grassroots efforts.

Think Forward

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