NASA Scholar and Scientist Calls for Off-World Assistance to Mitigate Space Debris

NASA Scholar and Scientist Claims Space Junk is Contributing to Drastic Changes in Global Climate and Says That ET’s Should Help With Space Debris Cleanup
ASHEVILLE, N.C. - July 26, 2014 - PRLog -- ~ According to Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, former NASA Scholar and Scientist, “If ET’s exist and are visiting the Earth, then ET’s should help  clean up the massive amounts of Space Debris that’s encircling the planet”.
Prof. Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, Principal Research Fellow at the University of Malaysia Institute of Marine Biotechnology, is spearheading a project to clean up space debris in his spare time.  Resnick said the project is aimed at launching a series of passive space debris cleanup modules, or, ‘SDCM’s’, small, autonomous, remotely-controlled space craft he designed to collect the space debris cluttering the earth’s atmosphere.  Dr. Resnick published a paper as part of the recent proceedings at the International Space Development Convention (ISDC), sponsored by NASA, held Los Angeles, CA in May, 2014, entitled, “Methods and Apparatus for Mitigating Space Debris”.  Resnick’s proposal calls for cleanup of the space debris surrounding the earth at various levels of orbit.  Resnick believes the space debris is contributing to the drastic changes in climate that have occurred over the past 20 years.  In the presentation Dr. Resnick coined the terms, “Earth-Shading” and “The Umbrella-Effect”.  He said that both phenomenon result in blocking the Sun’s beneficial rays from impacting large areas of the earth’s surface.  Resnick said, ‘I am convinced, after several years of intense study, that the side-effects or these phenomena are a major negative component in the overall shift of global weather and climactic changes.  Perhaps the most obvious (and serious) side effect is the negative impact the present to the Earth’s water cycle.  When the Umbrella effect occurs, the result is Global Shading.  And in some instances, based on my calculations and data sets from NASA’s Space Debris Catalog, huge land masses, some the size of the country of Brazil, are ‘shaded’ from the Sun’s beneficial rays.  Then, the ‘Domino Principle’ occurs.  For example, no sun’s rays, no condensation, no rain, no water for forests and drinking, etc., with the water cycle being completely disrupted”.
Dr. Resnick, who’s worked on numerous projects with NASA since the mid 1970’s, including the Space Shuttle Orbiter Fleet, Space Suits, fueling systems and instrumentation, said that he has a realistic plan and a project in motion that can offer a ‘viable and compliant solution’ to Earth’s space debris dilemma, one  achievable in fewer than five years. The plan centers around a new business model Resnick created to raise funds to pay for the cleanup plan, called, The Universal Mineral Leases Registry.  The enterprise has set up a website at .
Dr. Resnick said he is now ‘reasonably certain that off-planet, alien life forms are a reality’.  He pointed to volumes of evidence gathered by Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” and a series of books authored by Dr. Charles Hall, a former US Air Force Airman who claims he worked with and for ET’s while enlisted and serving in the US Air Force stationed at Nellis AFB Nevada.  Dr. Resnick said, “In one of Dr. Hall’s books he reported an encounter with humanoid beings of extraterrestrial origin, called, ‘Tall Whites”.  Hall reported that he met two ‘Tall Whites’ when they were repairing a space craft that was damaged when it entered the earth’s atmosphere, apparently after entry into a space debris field located somewhere in the earth’s Van Allen Belt, 600 miles above the earth’s surface.  In March of this year Hall recounted the story at a conference at which time he stated that the ET’s spacecraft had been damaged when entering the atmosphere, apparently a result of impacting some kind of space debris.”

Resnick said that he has communicated with both Charles Hall and Mrs. Marie Hall in an attempt to find a way to communicate directly with the ‘ET-Embassy’ that Hall claims is located in the Nevada desert and part of Nellis AFB. Dr. Resnick said, “I sent a personal letter to Dr. Charles Hall and received an email response from his wife, Marie, in which she and Charles thanked me for communicating, but that Charles did not have a exact mailing address for the ET-Embassy on the Nellis Range, only the address of Nellis AFB itself.  Based on that communication I directed a letter to the head of the ET’s sent by US Mail addressed to ‘The Weather Observer, Nellis AFB, Nevada’ in March of 2014.  In that letter I shared information about my plans to clean up the space debris and requested that the ET’s consider assisting in terms of making several of their spacecraft available to clean the space debris”.

According to NASA’s Space Debris Inventory catalog, there are 19,000 pieces of space debris cataloged with telemetry coordinates contained in NASA’s data base.  Dr. Resnick continued, “If ET’s exist and if their spacecraft are capable of performing aeronautical maneuvers as reported, with just one or two of their space ships we could clean the earth’s atmosphere in just a few days!  Using my SDCM-designs will take years, simply because my space modules are subjected to the laws of Physics.  For example, it will take one of my SDCM’s 96 minutes to circle earth and make one revolution, or about 15 cleaning cycles per day.  So, with my designs we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands of EOL-cycles being required to clean all of the space debris, which will take years to complete.  With an ET-ship that’s able to maneuver irrespective of the laws of Physics, we could clean the atmosphere in no time at all.  And, since the ET’s are using the atmosphere as much as Human’s are, they are stakeholders and it is in their best interest, too, to have the earth’s atmosphere free from space debris.  So, I have appealed to them for assistance.  I figured that in attempting to contact the ET’s at Nellis AFB, I had nothing to lose, so I wrote a letter and sent it in care of the ‘Weather Observer for Delivery to ‘The Teacher’ at the ET-Embassy’.  I sent that letter on March 5th of this year.  It has not been returned to me, so someone at Nellis AFB got that letter.  Now, whether or not the letter was delivered to the ET’s, or if the ET’s really even exist, I cannot say.  But I did send the letter to Nellis AFB via regular US Main and I’ve provided copies of the correspondence to Mr. John Fountain of The Pegasus Research Group of Las Vegas, NV for his information and sharing with members of The Pegasus Group”.
Dr. Resnick summarized by stating he feels that the ET’s have a duty to assist Mankind in cleaning the space debris from the Earth’s atmosphere and hopes that someday they respond in a positive way.


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