REAL What Men Secretly Want Review- Deborah Reynold's Full Review and Feedback

'What Men Secretly Want' by James Bauer promises women a look inside the head of men, but does it REALLY deliver on what it promises? Relationship Expert Deborah Reynolds gives her shocking and VERY real review of this guide with her own honest recommendations.
What Men Secretly Want Review & Members Area Tour
What Men Secretly Want Review & Members Area Tour
ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. - July 21, 2014 - PRLog -- Relationship Expert Deborah Reynold's Gives her honest review on "What Men Secretly Want", by James Bauer.

>>>>> You can read her full review here

What Men Secretly Want promises women a REAL look inside the head of a womans boyfriend, husband or romantic interest.

But does it REALLY deliver on what it promises?

One woman, Relationship Expert Deborah Reynolds wanted to know and purchased it herself in order to give it a FULL analysis before recommending it to her readers.

If you know anything about Deborah, you know that she does NOT pull any punches and has NO problems calling out a product creator or even calling a product 'trash'.

See a full VIDEO Review by Deborahs business associate Here:

Pick up "What Men Secretly Want" HERE

So, What is 'What Men Secretly Want' REALLY about?

As the above Video shows, "What Men Secretly Want' is broken down into 6 core sections.

Step one is simply a Members-Only ezine which you're registered for automatically once signing up for the program.

Step two is the main guide book, and it is broken up into 9 Modules.

It is highly recommended that you do these modules in order, because the topics and concepts build upon each other.

Deborah further explains the modules and breaks them down as follows:

Module 1:
The Single Most Powerful Factor The Difference That Makes All the Difference. "But I Don't Disrespect Him!" "So what do I do about it?"

Module 2: Your Secret Barometer for Success He Craves Your Respect. How Your Appearance Affects His Emotions. My Guy Doesn't Seem to Care That Much about All This Respect Stuff.

Module 3: Double his desire for a committed relationship Why do men pull away in the first place? What you should do when he pulls away. You Deserve the Best The Respect Principle In Practice.

Module 4: Stop Being Interesting and get interested Some Essential Background Knowledge. From Theory to Application. Forget about Being Interesting. You Can't Fake Sincerity. What if.....

Module 5: Get a Guy to Commit: Increase Attraction While Setting Standards The Good News. Here's Where I Stand. What If This Scares Him Away? Draw Him In. A New Experience.

Module 6: How to unlock his emotions and get him to open up Invite, Don't Force. Two languages. What Do You Want? The Story. The Method.

Module 7:  How can you find Quality Men? Where to Meet Quality Men Worth Dating. The Active Ingredients for Your Love Potion. First, Add Propinquity. Next, Get Specific. Why You Must Get Extremely Specific.

Module 8: Meet Your Avatar Markers of a Quality Venue. How to Create Your Own High Quality Venue.

Module 9: Places and Situations to Avoid Avoid Large Groups of Exclusively Female Friends. Be Approachable. Should I Avoid Internet dating sites?. Finding Men Summary. The End? Nope. Bonuses

Steps three and step four - I suggest you watch these after you have finished the 9 modules above.

Steps five is a summary audio course of the main guidebook, it is shorter then the book and will help you quickly hit all the key points.

Step six BONUS - The Art of Intrigue ($47 value, FREE for you)

The Art of Intrigue is an area that many people just glaze over. If being a Relationship Consultant has taught me anything, it's how important intrigue is to a healthy relationship. This is another full product they sell for $47, but are including it free for you. Definitely make sure to use the information in this guide as well!

Pick up "What Men Secretly Want" HERE - it's HIGHLY recommended by Deborah, it REALLY works and if you're NOT satisfied, there is a full 2 MONTH refund policy in place :)


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