"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" Starts Final 100-Day-Long Prayer Segment, Today

June 3, 2014 marks the beginning of the 100-day-long- prayer for the healing and restoration of the land, The United States of America, the final 100-day prayer of the epic "555 Days of Prayer to Save America." Meanwhile, "One Church // One Voice" and "Save America Gathering" are also touting this year's "National Back to Church Sunday," which will occur on September 21, 2014; as well as the upcoming "Line in the Sand, Angels Stadium, Anaheim California," which will be on November 11, 2014.
...tearing down the walls between us!
...tearing down the walls between us!
MARTINEZ, Calif. - June 3, 2014 - PRLog -- One Church //  One Voice/ADMIN, Martinez, California. Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

The leaders of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" are inviting Christians of all walks, as well as Messianic Jews, to join in prayer for the last 100-day-long prayer segment of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," a 100-day prayer for the healing and restoration of The United States of America that begins today, June 3, 2014.

The 555-day long prayer initiative will conclude on September 11, 2014, with celebration of "The Great Wave Offering," which will ceremonially rededicate the U.S.A. to God, and to a God directed path.

The "Great Wave Offering" has also spun off a recipe contest, using the foods of Deuteronomy 8:8. This Deuteronomy 8:8 recipe contest runs until July 4, 2014, when the winning recipe in each category of food from Deuteronomy 8:8 will be selected. Entries should be sent to onechurch.onevoice@gmail.com; or, to "One Church One Voice," P.O. Box 1095, Martinez, CA, 94553-1095.

"One Church // One Voice" is issuing a reminder to Christians worldwide: "A line in the Sand-Anaheim Angels Stadium" is schedualed for 11/11/14: November 11, 2014. Attendees should firm up their respective travel and lodging arrangements, soon.

"One Church // One Voice" is also calling for Christans everywhere to participate in "National Back to Church Sunday," http://backtochurch.com on September 21, 2014; and, to "welcome home those who haven't attended worship services for some time, be it a long or short interval of absence from the temple," as said Robert Berry, "One Church // One Voice" CEO, "Save America Gathering" http://www.saveamericagathering.com CEO," and, also, the primary planner of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America."

The 555-day-long prayer was themed after the 555-foot height of the Washington Monument, and is also called "a monument, in prayer, to God."

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