Marshall Barnes Laughs At Stephen Hawking's Fear Of Artificial Intelligence

Marshall Barnes criticizes Stephen Hawking's fears of robots and artificial intelligence as more evidence that Hawking isn't as smart as the public believes. This copy replaces a May 9 draft mistakenly released and was not able to be fixed online.
Marshall Barnes (Copyright 2014)
Marshall Barnes (Copyright 2014)
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YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 22, 2014 - PRLog -- After issuing a scathing statement against Stephen Hawking for last year's boycott of Israel and the missed opportunity he had to contribute constructively to Middle East Peace effort, Marshall Barnes, the internationally note research and development engineer, is now mocking Hawking over the reports that the famed scientist fears that A.I. (artifical intelligence) could be the end of Mankind.

"This is just one more instance that proves that Hawking is the most overrated physicist in the history of physics," he laughed, "because if he really was this supergenius that his PR department cooked up, beginning back in 1988 - when A Brief History of Time was released, then he would know what to do about the A.I so-called threat, which can be stopped. In fact, if he were as smart as his fans think he is, he would've figured out how to do it himself".

Marshall explains that he has been following the development of robotics and artificial intelligence closely since the early 80s when he had a chance encounter with a man he said belonged to a group that feared the development of artificial intelligence, and were planning on doing something drastic about it.

"At the time there was a lot of anti-abortion activity going on, and I mean violent stuff - death threats, death lists and assassinations. This man I met, I can't remember his name - Monte, Manicore, I don't remember exactly - anyway, he was saying that when it looked like A.I. was about to become real, that they would do to the scientists the same thing that was going on with the abortion doctors. I got the feeling that he was Italian maybe even 'connected' which means he was probably Catholic, which would explain why he didn't really seem to care about what was happening to the abortion doctors, either."

Marshall explained that since there hasn't been any killing of scientists working on artificial intelligence yet, especially since many strides have been made in that area, he believes it's because either the time hasn't come yet for them to do it or that they figured out what he has since - how to kill A.I. and robots.

"This is the part where Hawking should have already figured this out, instead of making this big proclamation about what scares him so bad," Marshall said. "Think about it, he's supposed to be the greatest mind on the planet, and instead of already figuring this thing out, he's here, late in the game, just now saying something about it when this has been coming down the pike since before his first book came out. Where was Hawking then?"

Marshall says that because of his meeting with this mystery man, he has kept a casual eye on what was going on in the field. In 2009 he joined IEET - the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, which is the international organization that promotes discussions concerning transhumanism, artificial intelligence and the coming time when humans may be able to become machines. Although he has not been active there for woicv several years, his comments can still be seen in the discussions section, if you do a search for his name on the group's web site,, which would support Marshall's statements about his long time interest in the subject. In fact, at Marshall is in a discussion on this very subject - killing A.I. threats, secrecy of the research, etc. Below, is his opening comment, from July 25, 2010:

"I think that this raises important issues but there are missing elements here that are due to Alexy's unawareness of research into technologies that are aimed at killing AIs. There are a number of issues here. Some are military, C4I related issues, and others are the way that this conversation about alien civilizations is developing in the science community which has long fostered the belief that we are alone in the universe, then slowly has begun to admit that there might be life but it's just basic, simple life forms with no intelligence. Now the worry is that we might be invaded at some point or download a virus like we did to the alien invaders in Independence Day.

I think the time has come to hold an open conference that will address this issue from all the applicable angles that are involved."

This reveals not only Marshall's stated interest in the subject, but his depth of knowledge which seems far beyond that of Dr. Hawking's. The entire discussion can be seen here - .

Again, May 17, 2010, Marshall leaves this comment on an aticle by Ben Goertzel:

"Whether we or China are the first to develop superhumanly intelligent AGI or battlebots, is ultimately irrelevant. The technology exits to kill both." (see )

The evidence supporting Marshall's contention about his knowledge on the subject, versus Hawking's, is both startling and overwhelming. The idea of an underground organziation that would kill scientists working on artificial intelliegnce, if need be, is actually seen in the new Johnny Depp film, Transcendance.

"What I think is most amazing about those who believe in transcendance is that,  for as generally intelligent as they are, they are totally clueless to the painfully obvious fact that the consciousness of a human being cannot be transferred to a computer. Sure, you can get information from a human brain into a computer, theoretically speaking, but that info isn't the person. So, any idea of acheiving some kind of immortality via transcendance is utter malarkey. It's actually pretty pathetic, I think".

For more information on Marshall, visit his profile page at hhtp:// and follow his activities at

Jake Shisler
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