YateBTS 3.0 supports SS7 integration to existing mobile networks

YateBTS 3.0 together with OpenVoLTE provide a full GSM network at a fraction of the cost
NEW YORK - May 6, 2014 - PRLog -- YateBTS, through its OpenVoLTE support, delivers roaming to conventional mobile networks.

YateBTS 3.0, using the capabilities of OpenVoLTE, provides roaming, an essential feature for mobile carriers, and is compatible with any existing mobile operator infrastructure, either SS7 or IMS.

Key Facts

• YateBTS 3.0 uses OpenVoLTE’s MSC/VLR functionality to deliver SS7 roaming support, allowing it to forward registrations, SMS and voice calls.

• Roaming support is implemented in the flexible Javascript language, and new features can be easily added and modified in YateBTS.

Find out how it works here:

Supporting Quotes

”Integration of YateBTS with SS7 is a huge step forward for open source radio access networks. This takes us out of the niche of private networks and into the world of standard mobile operators.” - David Burgess, CEO of Legba, Inc.

”We have reached the goal of having a full GSM network at an affordable cost. This will allow the 3.5 billion uncovered people to have access to mobile networks and Internet.” - Diana Cionoiu, CEO of SS7ware, Inc.


Legba, Inc. (www.leg.ba) provides innovative infrastructure for mobile operators.

SS7Ware, Inc. (www.ss7ware.com) provides 2.5G/4G mobile networks. The company is a subsidiary of Null Team, the creators of Yate.

Legal Notices
OpenVoLTE is a trademark of SS7Ware, Inc.
YateBTS is a trademark of Legba, Inc.

David Burgess, Legba, Inc.

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