What Joel Salatan Can Teach Us About Bio-Mimicry Farming

Why Growing Your Own Food Has Always Been A Smart Thing To Do
grow your own food
grow your own food
FORT GARLAND, Colo. - April 6, 2014 - PRLog -- Why is Joel Salatin concerned about current farming practices? He feels that they do not mimic nature’s way of doing things. Joel points out that nature doesn’t waste energy or nutrients and that everything was designed to work together. This isn’t the case with the vast mono-farms that are cropping up all over the planet.

Joel explains the dangers of farming in this way “Mono-cropping and mono-speciation are neither natural nor healthy. The current pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical industries depend on single plant and single animals systems that inherently attract pathogens and problems. Nature has no animal-less systems. The role of animals in nature is to move nutrients around and generate carbon dioxide for plants. The role of plants is to leverage nutrients (poop), detoxify and generate oxygen.”

It’s a symbiotic relationship where both the animals and the plants depend on one another. If nature designed it this way, then why have the majority of farmers moved away from these practices? Now more than ever, farmers struggle with keeping super bugs and weeds at bay, despite the fact that the herbicides and pesticides were supposed to fix this problem.

It is the constant sterilization of farming practices that is creating these problems rather than addressing them. It is far smarter to create a healthy, balanced habitat that will encourage the good bugs to drive the bad ones out, then it is to keep killing them. Not only does Bio-mimicry farming lead to healthier more nutritious food, it is safer for the environment and every living being that depends upon it for survival. These are a few gems that Joel gave us in his article. To find out more go here: http://aquaponics-how-to-guide.info/aquanewsletter/

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