Stories Poetry and Images from Felipe Adan Lerma - Now Available on Scribd

Creative use of settings in Paris Austin and Vermont enhance a collection of images and stories. Over fifty titles.
By: Felipe Adan Lerma
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Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin sm
Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin sm
AUSTIN, Texas - March 17, 2014 - PRLog -- Nearly 60 original titles from author and artist Felipe Adan Lerma are now available on Scribd.

Short stories and novellas are set in Austin, Texas; Paris, France; and Burlington, Vermont.  These include well liked titles like, "Dirty Sixth Street, Austin" and "Rendzevous, Place Saint-Michel."  A new work, soon to be released and set in Vermont, is "Prop Master, Where's the Liqueur."

Image work includes original photography from Paris, Texas, and scenic areas of Vermont.  There are several books of photopoems.  One novella, "Slumming in Paris Part 8" also includes nearly two dozen original images of Paris.

Poetry collections include poems for teachers, nurses, and sports (baseball, volleyball, football, dance, yoga, running and more); plus collections for family, love, and the arts.  All are included in Scribd's unlimited reading subscription plan of less than $9.

New future work will be added on a continuing basis as created.

"As a reader," author Felipe Adan Lerma says, "I am finding an incredible array of titles I thought I might never be able to afford, there's a great selection.  And as a writer, to be able to offer all my work, knowing a reader might feel the same way about Scirbd's selection of titles, is very exciting!"

Scribd's subscription signup page is at :

Reading is available on ereaders, smart phones, and even online.

At the top right of each book's page is Scribd's motto :

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy reading this book knowing that your subscription is helping support authors!

"This kind of statement," says Felipe, "gives me confidence in my reading and my writing."

A ten part series with embedded previews of Felipe's content on Scribd begins on his website at:

Or visit Felipe's author page on Scribd at :

Sample ebook titles from Felipe include :

"Slumming in Paris" (8 part novella series) - Family Poems - Love's Travels: Vermont Paris Austin - Everyday Gratitude - Everyday Inspirations - Creative Gratitudes - Nursing Poetry - Texas Shorts - Paris Shorts - Love Poems - 101 Sports Poems - Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day - The Slumber Party - Poetry for Teachers - Love Before the Fourth of July - Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter - Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink

A YouTube video of Felipe reading one of his original poems, "Aging Gracefully" is at :

Upcoming short story work includes "Where the Creek Crosses the Stream" and "Grandma and Grandpa at SXSW."


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