Freeware Fast Duplicate File Finder Released With Improved Similarity Search And Word/Excel Support

Fast Duplicate File Finder freeware by MindGems Inc. is released with full UNICODE (Multi-Language) support and Microsoft Office Documents support.
March 10, 2014 - PRLog -- The popular free Duplicate File Finder tool by MindGems Inc. is released with a major version and is packed with plenty of new features. Those include the Multi-Language (Unicode) support, Microsoft Excel (XLS) and Word (DOC) files preview, improved sort of result groups, optimized delete and move operations for large quantities of files, extended options for similar and duplicate file name search and many more. This completely new platform provides the foundations for even better performance and more fancy new features for the upcoming releases.

The key features that make Fast Duplicate File Finder such a popular too are:

   Accurate results
- the tool compares the file contents and does not rely on checksums as MD5 or CRC that are used by other tools and produce incorrect matches.
   Fast Performance - advanced comparison algorithms that will utilize all the available resources produce quick results.
   Multiple Scan Options - search for duplicate files, similar files, files with duplicate or similar names and many more.
   Flexible Filtering Features - files can be filtered by type, size, location, dates, name and all other file parameters.
   Built-in Preview - there is in-application preview for most popular file formats like images, video, audio, documents and other types of files.

Full Unicode Support - Find Duplicate Files That Have Names in Multiple Languages Simultaneously

While older versions of FDFF do support files in multiple languages that functionality has been limited to two languages at a time. The new release lifts that limit and supports simultaneous scan for any number of alphabets at the same time.

In-application Preview of Duplicate Microsoft Word (doc) and Excel (xls) Files

This is a feature that makes it much easier to compare documents and does not require loading the heavy office applications in order to review each document in the results list. Both XLS and DOC files can be previewed inside this new version of the application.

Improved Folder Comparison Features

“Exclude From Self Scan” and “Disable auto-check for this folder” items are now listed as check-boxes inside the folders list. Those features come very handy when comparing or merging folders. “Exclude From Self Scan” instructs the application not to compare the items inside a folder with each other. Those items will be compared only with items from other folder. Convenient when importing files from different sources in order to compare them with a "source" folder that does not contain duplicates and should not be scanned. “Disable auto-check for this folder” on the other hand tells the application that items from certain locations should not be marked for the delete operation. An option that is also convenient to be set for a "source" folder.

Find Duplicate Files With The Same Names or Similar Names and Different Extension

”Do not compare file extensions” option is now added to the “Similar File Names” search mode. This means that the application can now compare file names ignoring their file extensions (file types). This can help to find duplicate files like “I want to break free.mp3″, “I want to break free.wav”, “I want to break free.ogg” or “Linda's 18'th Birthday.avi”, “Linda's 18'th Birthday.mp4″, “Linda's 18'th Birthday.mkv” and so on. A feature that can help in fining multiple versions of the same file that are converted to different file formats.

Founded in 2001, MindGems Inc. provides market-leading shareware and freeware products for home and business use. The products range from free disk management and maintenance tools like Folder Size and Fast Duplicate File Finder to corporate tools like Visual Similarity Duplicate Image finder that are used by stock photography websites and healthcare applications.

MindGems' tools are used by more than a million users around the globe and are reviewed and published on all major software websites and magazines including ZDNet, CNet, PCWorld and PCMagazine. The company’s products come pre-installed on several brands of desktop and laptop computers.

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