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Feb. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- Abundance is having plenty or an overflow of something.  This can also be used to describe wealth.

However you define abundance, giving and helping others will in turn help you achieve your goals.  That is the law of attraction or by another means that is also called karma.  Now you should never give something expecting to get something in return because that is not really giving selflessly.

We are all taught at a young age that we are special in our own way, but as we age we tend to forget that we all have special gifts that we can give the world.  Many of us get caught up in the materialistic world of more and having more.  We tend to compare ourselves to others when we fail to realize the struggles many of them went through to get where they are now.

But if you study successful entrepreneurs like I have, you will begin to understand they have a mindset that is different than the other 90% of people.  One thing most of them have in common is giving back.

Now you may be saying well if I had their money I would be able to give back and help others as well.  For some people that may be true but for the rest of us that argument falls on deaf ears, because money rarely changes people, it just allows the real person to come out.

If you are a natural giver at heart then when you earn more money or become wealthy you will just have additional means to do what you would do normally.

Additionally I would argue that giving is not just about money, but time as well.  Many times when you deal with people, giving of your time can be worth more than any dollar amount you can afford to give.  Not enough people give their time to really help change the lives of the people around them.

Teaching and living abundantly is not just about accumulating wealth and giving back to those less fortunate than you, but more so about living your current life in service to others and in return you will be blessed beyond your dreams.  This may not be in the form of money but can take many different forms.

Surrounding yourself with the right people can also help instill that since of giving and sharing.  I am a part of a global community of online marketers that is helping change the normal mode of operation, where it is everyone for themselves.

This Global Wealth Network is a collection of people from around the world, with different backgrounds, cultural makeup and income levels, that have come together to solve a common goal.  This goal is to educate and train people to Create Lifestyle Freedom.

Now whatever lifestyle freedom may mean to you, the purpose is to help you create time freedom in your life so you can do the things you have always dreamed of doing.  Money is just a means to doing that.  Once money is not a hindrance in your life and your basic necessities are covered what will you do with your free time?

That is something many people cannot fathom, having time to do the things they love.  But yes, this is possible.  By no means is the opportunity I am referring to a get rich quick scheme and I would argue that if people tell you that about any opportunity you should run the other way.

We have found a turnkey system that is allowing us to earn a residual income while do the things we love, on our own time.

Teach Abundance by Living Abundance – this video gives my thoughts on the subject.

As mentioned in the video, living abundantly to me is giving back to those less fortunate than myself.  The opportunity I am involved with allows me the time to spend with my family and give back to my community while making money at the same time.

To learn more about this business click on this link (http://www.themogulmindset.com/great_opportunity/).  I encourage you to do your own research and due diligence to see if this online business opportunity is for you.  In this opportunity not everyone will make money and for an income disclaimer click on link at th bottom ofmy website.

To make money in this online business opportunity work is required (granted, not as much as a typical 9 to 5).  In addition consistency and dedication are also required.  If you put in the time and effort, we have a turnkey business system and ongoing training available to help you succeed.

This opportunity is doing this for me and I would love for you to see if it can do the same for you.  For more information on this opportunity click here (http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret?id=emanilegac...) and if you are ready to take this journey so you too can have an amazing life click here to begin immediately (https://www.empowernetwork.com/join?id=emanilegacyproject).

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