Asset Panda’s Mascot Will Not be Attending Winter Games in Sochi, Russia Due to Security Concerns

Because of the increased security concerns, Asset Panda's mascot will not be attending the Sochi Winter Games. The Asset Panda goodwill tour will continue with scheduled stops in several cities in Europe.
Asset Panda
Asset Panda
FRISCO, Texas - Feb. 7, 2014 - PRLog -- The most expensive Winter Olympics Games in history are getting underway today in Sochi, Russia amid heightened security fears.  The TSA announced that it was temporarily banning carry-on liquids, aerosols, gels and powders on non-stop flights between Russia and the U.S.  Russian security forces have been on high alert for possible threats in the weeks leading up to the games.

Scott Blackmun from the U.S. Olympic Committee stated at a press conference Thursday that:

"You want the athletes to be aware of the fact that if they are not in an accredited area and they are wearing Team USA apparel, then they create an increased risk for them”

Russian government officials have stated that security fears are unfounded, and that they have done everything to make sure the games are as safe as possible.

Sochi was scheduled to be a stop in the Asset Panda’s mascot international goodwill tour.  Asset Panda has been touring important sites around the world such as the new 7 wonders of the world and major world cities including Moscow, Russia.  Unfortunately because of the increased security concerns, Asset Panda will not be attending the Sochi Winter Games.  The Asset Panda goodwill tour will continue with scheduled stops in several cities in Europe.

Asset Panda, LLC, a software company based in Frisco, TX, is a developer of asset management and tracking software.   Asset Panda is a revolutionary new system that automates and simplifies the job of tracking and managing fixed assets – notably industrial equipment, tools, information technology and office equipment. It is typically used for either replacing spreadsheets used to maintain asset inventories, or as a complement to financial/accounting systems that have limited asset management and tracking capabilities.

Asset Panda’s system uses mobile apps with integrated barcode scanning.  This means than anybody with a mobile phone can conduct audits or equipment searches in the field and that you do not need to purchase expensive dedicated barcode scanners.

Asset Panda gives organizations a simple way to solve their big problem of tracking and managing information about the assets they own.  More information is available in Asset Panda’s website

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