Google Need Not Worry About Buying Illegal Domains Thanks To Mark Davis, Bill Gates, &

Incredibly rare eight letter premium .com domain name up for grabs. has become available for acquisition and would serve Google or Apple quite well but with Unicode taking over the web it's anyone's guess as to who will snag the gem!
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Feb. 3, 2014 - PRLog -- Google®, in an effort a while back to protect their interests in their new Google+ Plus social network, acquired the International Domain Name (IDN), also known as The problem was that ( is an illegal domain name–the domain name violates IDNA2008, as published by IETF. The use of the + character in the .com TLD is not allowed, and violates IDNA2008.

This is because the language used to generate communication amidst the web is not and does not support all web-scripts and applications. The potential for extensive traffic tie-ups and misdirection amidst the net is way too likely. This is about to change! With the use of Unicode we've gotten as far as we have and now as momentum grows and the great minds of the WWW like Mark Davis, formally of Apple and currently a senior international software architect with Google, wield new techno-webs, we're almost there!

“Google’s objective is to organize the world’s information and to make it accessible. Unicode plays a central role in this effort because it is the principal means by which content in every language can be represented in a form that can be processed by software. As Unicode extends its coverage of the world’s languages, it helps Google accomplish its mission.”

—Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist
Google, Inc.

“Unicode Standard Version 5.0 is a great milestone for the Unicode Standard, which has been critical to computing since it was first published in 1991. With extended script and character support, this new version will help us bridge the digital divide by enabling more people to access computing in the language they use every day. The comprehensive set of mathematics symbols simplifies support for technical documents in business software. For more than a decade, Unicode has been a foundation for many Microsoft products and technologies: Unicode Standard Version 5.0 will help us deliver important new benefits to users.”

—Bill Gates, Chairman
Microsoft Corporation

The range of acceptable symbols used in domain names and/or IP's is limited for two reasons. Firstly, varying registers of who has the rights to use which domain name need a common system to make sure the same name isn't assigned twice. Secondly, the domain name system, which translates domain names into an IP address, needs to know which characters are and which are not part of the domain name. But if we can get the language right we can use any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and/or “special” characters our little hearts desire! This is happening in a bigger way every single day!, a domain broker of premium .com domains, announced today that what is expected will be a highly coveted domain amidst the programming/cloud industry, is now available for acquisition. will broker the deal for the domain owner who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. “To maximize outreach and awareness of the offering we're considering the possibility of a joint effort in the sale with one of the premium domain brokerages but haven't made any decisions as of date.”

With their ability to rank higher by nature, domain names like offer significant advantages in terms of a business' natural search traffic, pay-per-click, and search engine strategy. There aren't many available domains left up for grabs that command a multi seven-figure price-tag but is definitely one of them. A quick search of the term “I unicode” returns nearly 40 million Google® search results. It's a highly visible, extremely versatile domain.

Unicode has become one of the most important global standards in digital typography. With its greatly increased range, Unicode will be of tremendous benefit to software developers involved with text processing, including font designers, application developers, web browser developers, and operating system manufacturers. Computer users around the world, including scholars, librarians, and scientists, as well as general users, will likewise benefit from broad adoption of the Unicode Standard, which has become an essential component of world literacy in the digital age. A decade ago zero pages were written using Unicode and now over 60% of the web pages on the internet are written in Unicode. It's safe to say Unicode will soon be the universal standard.

Given the impending explosion of the reinvented internet via an onslaught of new domain extensions is expected to be extremely sought after.

“ provides an unprecedented branding and investment opportunity.” says rep Stella Starling. “This is such a once in a .COM opportunity we're considering developing the domain and Unicode ourselves.” It can be used as a global hub for all Unicode applications, conversions, communication transfers, encoding, decoding, development, programming, cloud-based and supported services, etc. You can't get a more fitting domain in its category. could be the biggest connection for the world by the world in the world. can and will support all things "Apple". "I" is understood to mean "interactive" or "intelligent" or "internet" all which work wonderfully with "Unicode."... additionally "I" personalizes the domain... as in "I Unicode". People will know exactly what you do and what your site is all about the second they hear and/or see it. has about a bazillion different cutting edge marketing possibilities and has a brandability and appeal that domains today just don't have. In example; “Write The World. Connect The World. Spin The World.” or “Code The World.” or “Unleash The World”

Unicode is the internet. This is the language that makes the internet go. This is everything we all are—every single day we log on or in or @. This is a .COM domain and while yes, it is absolutely possible to use any old domain or any of the approximate thousand new domain extensions currently flooding the market to launch a successful website, you'd be hard pressed to get the global recognition and credibility of a .COM. .Com's are global... is global! .bike, .casino, .guru, .music, .church, .grocery and other domain extensions the like are not global. Unicode is global. The .COM is global. This domain is so huge it can be developed into a worldwide movement and create the language that will open the floodgates of the internet underworld! brokers sales of premium .com domains exclusively and plans to extend its offerings to planning and execution of domain strategy, site development, marketing, & branding, monetization, web hosting, virtual storage and other Cloud based services. “Our plan is to help customers build a greater .com.”

For more information and offer requirements please stop by and visit or send an e-mail to, or call toll-free 1.844.AGREATER.

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