US Parcel International Forwarding - What Is It and How Is It Used?

US parcel international forwarding is synonymous with US parcel forwarding and US mail forwarding. These terms identify a service that is invaluable to shoppers who live outside the United States for some very good reasons.
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MEDFORD, Ore. - Jan. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- US Parcel International - What Is It?

The term, "US parcel international" is composed of three words, "US," "parcel" and "international."  "US" stands for United States.  "Parcel" is a package prepared for shipping.  "International" denotes within nations.  The collective meaning of US parcel international is that of a United States shipping package being shipped to another country (nation).

Not only is US parcel international a term, but it is also a service as well.  This service acts to transport a parcel from a United States location to another location outside the United States.

Who Needs US Parcel International?

Global shoppers living outside the United States who purchase items from US-based stores often times need a way to get their parcels sent to them, because it is a fact that many US stores (including online stores) do not ship to US parcels internationally.

How Does US Parcel International Work?

The way this service works is pretty straight forward.  Global shoppers find a US parcel international company, also known as a "US parcel forwarding" or "US mail forwarding" company.  The company gives the shopper their own US address (usually consisting of the shopper's name and the company's mailing address).  The shopper makes his or her purchases and has the store ship the items to their US address.  The company then collects their fee and shipping costs from the shopper, and sends the shopper his or her parcel.

Where Can You Get US Parcel International?

My USA Parcel ( is a US parcel forwarding company who offers this service.  There are some other companies out there as well.  My USA Parcel boasts rock bottom rates and prompt service aimed at customer satisfaction.
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