How Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten and Clive Palmer will fare in 2014, according to Australian astrologer

See what an astrologer says in in store in 2014 for top Australian politicians Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten and Clive Palmer.
By: It's In The Stars Pty Ltd
PM Tony Abbott will make changes according to astrologer Elizabeth Ball
PM Tony Abbott will make changes according to astrologer Elizabeth Ball
SANDRINGHAM, Australia - Jan. 1, 2014 - PRLog -- Three of Australia’s top political figures are in for an interesting 2014, says Australian astrologer, Elizabeth Ball.

Elizabeth Ball, founder of It’s In The Stars, ran 12-month FutureStars email astrology reports for each of the three politicians.

Tony Abbott faces environmental pressure
She said Prime Minister Tony Abbott seems likely to face environmental pressure - and may make major plans to relocate, renovate or repair his home - around 21 January, 17 July and 24 November.

“These three dates coincide with transiting Pluto opposing his natal Midheaven, a planetary position which points to massive upheaval at home, and environmental impact, such as a natural disaster,” Elizabeth Ball said.

Elizabeth Ball said maverick Uranian aspects indicate the Prime Minister may join a group or an organisation to effect social and global change, around 4 April, 7 September and 30 November.

Bill Shorten suffers from lack of support
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten faces several tough months thanks to difficult Saturn aspects to his Sun, Mercury and Neptune around 4, 10 January, 13 February, 19 March and 24 April, and 1 May, and then again around 2, 7 and 24 October.

“Bill Shorten could feel quite depressed by resistance to his ideas, poor publicity, and suffer a lack of energy and low self-esteem,” Elizabeth Ball said.

However, Shorten has a run of strongly positive aspects which will boost his self-confidence, support levels, power and authority around 29 April, 5, 10, 19, 31 May, 4, 6 and 13 June.

“He can do no wrong for about six weeks which coincides with Tony Abbott’s negative Saturn-Mercury aspect, making the Prime Minister feel a little paranoid around 3 June,” said Elizabeth Ball.

“But from 20-30 June, Shorten could face frustrating power issues and problems at home, which could make him explode with anger, and make reckless changes.”

Clive Palmer to make drastic changes
Elizabeth Ball believes billionaire politician Clive Palmer could radically change his appearance, perhaps losing weight through holistic health advice, around 25 January.

“In March and October, Palmer will be hounded by transiting Saturn squaring his natal Pluto. He may make drastic career changes, dealing with threats, coercion, corruption and dishonesty around 23 March and again on 23 October,” Elizabeth Ball said.

She added Clive Palmer should avoid making serious decisions around 3 May and 17 July when Neptune affects his mental clarity, but could enjoy great success on 5 July, 3 and 8 December.

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