Business Writing Services Expanded by AEX and Stephen Bush

AEX Commercial Financing Group is expanding their specialized business writing services throughout the United States and Canada. Stephen Bush is the CEO and Founder of AEX. He is an expert business writer who is now devoting most of his time to customized and advanced help for business writing solutions that include white papers, business proposals, technical reports, and sales presentations. Steve is available for both hourly consultations and long-term projects.
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Business Writing Solutions by Stephen Bush
Business Writing Solutions by Stephen Bush
LEESBURG, Ohio - Nov. 13, 2013 - PRLog -- AEX Commercial Financing Group and Stephen Bush have expanded their Business Writing Services for the express purpose of offering specialized business writing help at affordable prices. AEX is offering their business writing services to companies and individuals located throughout the United States and Canada.

All AEX Business Writing Services are managed by Stephen Bush, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX. In addition to business writing help, AEX Commercial Financing Group also provides small business consulting services that include business negotiating and career training for small business finance careers.

Why Do Companies Overlook the Importance of Business Writing?

Poorly-written communication of any kind can result in permanent damage to future business prospects. It is hard to imagine a more important business and management role than producing excellent and persuasive business writing to clients, lenders, suppliers, prospects, advertisers, partners, and investors. So why do so many companies fail to understand how important business writing is? Here are some of the most common reasons:

♦ Lack of time
♦ Misunderstanding of how important effective writing is
♦ Lack of skills
♦ Do not realize that business writing help is needed
♦ Indecision about what to do
♦ Unawareness of specialized business writing strategies such as “white papers”
♦ Unwillingness to pay for needed help

According to Stephen Bush, “Business writing belongs in a class by itself when it comes to small businesses succeeding or failing in ways that they were not expecting. Whether it is a typographical error in an email, a sloppy mistake in a business proposal, or a poorly-written business letter, the quality of business writing makes quick and long-lasting impressions. A growing problem for many variations of business writing is the extent to which Google search results and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have become the driving force in guiding the overall written content. This often results in an under-emphasis of what is needed to communicate with the intended audience: clients, readers, prospects, and other real people that typically don’t care what Google likes or doesn’t like.”

AEX and Stephen Bush have played a prominent role for many years in providing specialized and candid advice to companies of all sizes. One of their most-successful and best-known management strategies involves the practical use of Plan B contingency planning to prevent and avoid many business problems. They have successfully applied this same common-sense approach to helping business owners with specialized business writing. This has been particularly effective in helping businesses successfully cope with many changes that include the need to increase search engine traffic and new business development.

Here are some additional comments by Stephen Bush about the impact of business writing:

♦ “White papers are a highly-specialized form of business writing that continues to be one of the most effective and persuasive methods to communicate with important groups such as customers, suppliers, and partners.”
♦ “What business skill is most needed in combination with negotiating to create the highest probability of a successful outcome? I believe that the answer is high-quality and effective business writing. One of the best examples of combining business writing and business negotiating involves any scenario when small businesses are dealing with their banker or other commercial lenders. This becomes an almost impossible task to accomplish effectively without a high level of expertise in both negotiations and writing.”
♦ “In the real business world of practical business writing help, Google does not matter as much as they think they do. It’s time for businesses to get their priorities straight and do what is best for them and not Google’s search engine algorithms.”

What Are White Papers?

A white paper is designed for readers that already have some advanced background information about the subject. If you think of your business clients, partners, advertisers, affiliates, and suppliers as key examples, each of these specialized and niche audiences have a totally different perspective and interest about your primary business products and services.

Each of these different target groups would be flattered to receive a customized discussion of a relevant topic that is presented at an advanced level (because they already know the basics). If you are having regular monthly, quarterly, or annual meetings with these marketing groups, you will dramatically improve the results of those meetings if you can provide a different white paper on each occasion. If your communication is more likely to be via email than a face-to-face meeting at a conference or in their office, then by all means send them their white paper by email.

White papers are definitely a key part of a winning marketing and business development strategy for small businesses. If you leave this press release with only one business writing strategy, white paper writing deserves your undivided attention.

Where to Get Business Writing Help by an Expert Business Writer

As noted by Stephen Bush, “Most smaller companies need business writing help but are not sure where to get it. My special expertise in this area is due to a unique combination of advanced business writing skills and several decades of hands-on business experience. To help as many business owners as possible with advanced writing needs, I am currently providing my business writing services on Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) for much less than I typically charge for business consulting.”

What are some of the business writing projects that Stephen Bush will be undertaking through Upwork? This is entirely up to the client, and here are some common illustrations:

♦ Specialized articles
♦ Technical writing
♦ Blog posts
♦ Financial writing
♦ Newsletter content
♦ Customized workbooks
♦ Business proposals
♦ Content for client websites
♦ Regular informational emails to clients, suppliers, advertisers, affiliates, and partners
♦ Customized white papers

Here is a short four-minute presentation entitled Business Writing Help (produced by Stephen Bush):

All AEX Commercial Financing Group services are available throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact Stephen Bush at AEX for candid, practical, and timely business writing expert help.


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