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At DC Translation LLC we work with Fortune 500 companies, government and intelligence agencies, and NGO's. We are committed to making our interpretation services as professional as possible, and providing the best experience for your conferences, organizations, and other corporate events. From elite infrared equipment rental providing secure and private service, to staffing diplomats, government contractors, and active duty military with TS clearance we understand the needs of our clients.
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DC Translation LLC staff are gov employees, military, often with TS clearance
DC Translation LLC staff are gov employees, military, often with TS clearance
WASHINGTON - Nov. 3, 2013 - PRLog -- In today's international economy top quality interpretation is a requirement, and DC Translation LLC understands the increasing need for the bridging of different cultures and overcoming of language barriers. We pride ourselves on our elite simultaneous interpreters for hire that are trained and attentively screened to be their best at any given time.

Our simultaneous interpretation company has experience serving Fortune 500 companies, military, intelligence and government agencies, NGO's, and various other types of events.  We offer quality simultaneous interpretation services at competitive prices in a market where quality is more important than price. We focus on guaranteeing specialized interpretation services, because we realize that competence is not enough if you are a simultaneous interpreter.  Understanding your clients field of business is a requirement as you need in-depth knowledge of that field to be able to relay the correct message to the crowd.

For this reason, our interpreters come from various walks of life, from foreign service members, diplomats, government employees, military men and women, to professional government contractors we pride ourselves on staffing elite personnel.  Many of our interpreters have active top secret (TS) government clearance, and can help you relay your message in whatever language you need, without fear of barriers holding you from developing your business or spreading your ideas.

DC Translation LLC provides (IR) infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment for rent in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, that can facilitate the interpretation services to effectively impact the way you do business and organize conferences.

It is true that interpreting a speech without extensive knowledge of the specialized vocabulary involved and the latest breakthroughs in the target field is impossible, but the equipment used is also important.

DC Translation LLC offers state-of-the-art infrared equipment, creating a secure, unhackable, and clear, interpretation environment. Beside safety, we also guarantee privacy.

Our IR Wireless interpretation System is designed to offer audio distribution for as many as 12 channels using high-end infrared transmission technology, guaranteeing lack of lighting distortion and radio interference, ideal for corporate and government conferences, as well as other events. The IR Receiver sports an environmentally-friendly rechargeable battery and a number of facilities, including volume control. Our IR Radiator has the option of being switched to 50% of its power, being equipped with automatic gain control to ensure maximum functionality, and the IR Transmitter is designed to modulate and transmit 4, 6, 8, or 12 audio channels to different frequencies, able to daisy-chain multiple interpreter consoles.

The DSSS Wireless Interpretation System that DC Translation LLC offers adopts the high-end Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and a worldwide 2.4 GHz frequency band that is guaranteed to provide CD quality sound and top-notch immunity from any type of noise interference, as well as high security against unauthorized listening. This particular system operates on a range of over 100 meters, and is designed to cover as many as 16 channels, with a portable receiver with built-in DIP switch to set ID numbers in order to avoid interference when multiple systems are used at the same venue or in the same building, and an antenna unit suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Interpreter Console is a digitally-controlled workstation designed for 6 to 16 audio channels. It includes an LCD screen, two different types of microphones, a built-in loudspeaker with volume level control, and an automatic channel interlocking function that prevents the interpreters from using the same outgoing channel. The MUTE key enables the muting of the microphone for cough cut, with the specification that multiple interpreter consoles can be connected in a daisy-chain.

At DC Translation LLC we are committed to making our interpretation services as professional as possible, and providing the best experience for your conferences, organizations, or other corporate events.

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