Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Existing Space in Your Room

Tired of not having any storage in your home or room, Are you not willing to sacrifice already minimal room space for storage, We have spent countless hours researching solutions to your problem. Everyone has this space in their home and Nearly NO ONE is using it?
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Bookshelf Door
Bookshelf Door
ROY, Utah - Oct. 13, 2013 - PRLog -- Are you like most Americans that have been caught in this economic downturn?   This economic depression has affected thousands of Americans, resulting in a countless amount of foreclosures, forcing the downsize of homes for our hardworking American families, this is where our subject matter lies.  As we all know just because we were forced to sell our large multi-bedroom and multi-garage home, does not mean we want to get rid of our personal matters. Here is the question, if we have a McMansion and we have to fit into a McMini how do we take all of our McMansion stuff and pack it into our McMini?

This question is what put us on this quest.  As a team we were sure that with this economic downturn that we would find some great American Ingenuity to help us find a resolution to this dilemma.  Guess what? we were right.  Now ask yourself this.  What size is your average room.  Our studies found that the average bedroom size is around 10'x10' or 100 sq. ft.  So if we are in the typical room there is door to get in the room that averages around 30" in width or 1.25 Sq.ft. of floor space, now calculate the potential storage space around 12.35 Cu. Ft. of potential storage. In addition to the door there is at least one window on one wall and more than likely there one window on two walls, then there is a closet the average closet door is around 5'x82" or 1.66 sq. ft. of floor space and a potential 43.5 Cu. ft. of storage!  Now let’s consider this the Closet is usually 6'x2'x8' so your total usable sq. ft. of the closet is 96 cu. ft.  There is almost 50% of the storage available in the closet in the doorway.  Next question, if we have a window on one wall, a bathroom door on one, windows on one and closets on the other, where do we put a bookshelf, cabinet or hutch of any type?  Believe it or not we were able to answer all of these questions with one click of the web  This website was a pleasure to navigate, their images were beautiful, their options were limitless and their customization fees started at a mere $200!  These guys have taken a once outrageously expensive custom bookcase doors and leveled the field to the point you can purchase one of their doors for under $650, while keeping it made 100% in the USA!

How does a Murphy Door resolve these solutions?  Murphy Door Inc. has created beautiful furniture pieces for a multitude of applications.  They have a Flush Mount Door that sits inside your existing doorways, capitalizing on every square inch of your door space. These doors come standard in almost all standard interior door sizes with no customization fee.  If you have a door that is wider like a closet they have created a double hung bookcase door that is available in an inswing or an outswing, or they offer a wide unit with one moving bookcase door and one fixed set of shelves. or if you prefer the look of a beautiful bookcase in your room they have their Surface Mount Bifolding Bookcase that sits directly in front of your door.  This bifolding bookcase looks exactly like a bookshelf you would buy at any fine furniture store but its functional.

Murphy Doors Flush Mount Series doors are delivered fully assembled, unlike the competition the hardware is installed as well.  Murphy Doors Flush Mount series is delivered pre-hung like a regular interior door.  Simply hang the door like you would hang a typical interior or exterior door.  Another unique feature about Murphy doors flush mount is that the lower hinge point is pivoting on bearings rather than a stack of washers, and their upper pivot point is on a smooth barreled locking pin rather than a bolt that wear on the threads while the door is being opened and closed.  This system is capable of a 300 lb. static load and over 500 lb. dynamic load.

The Surface Mount Series is a beautiful Bifolding bookcase, their patented and unique bifolding hardware has predetermined elevations and pivot points insuring the doors will not bind and your elevations are always right, no need for block shims to try and guess your elevations with these calculations are built into their hardware systems.  This insures your doors will open smoothly without binding and they will not have a tendency to open or close on their own.  These bookcase doors are available in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors.  "If you can dream it they can build it." said Kris Merrill the director of cabinet production for Murphy Door.

Now for icing on the cake, Murphy Door states that they are firm believers and supporters of the DIY (Do It Yourself) client base they have developed and they offer the complete selection of hardware to their customers, they supply retailers all over the USA and Canada with their unique patented systems.  Both types of hardware is available at these retailers at $129.95 you can find a list of dealers on their website at or purchase direct at  Their instructions are the best on the market.  Murphy Door Inc has removed all the guessing.   Their instructions include a complete material list of what you will need to purchase to build your own door as well as a cut list for each and every piece.  Murphy Door Inc is giving away their plans on how to build your own hidden door at no purchase necessary.

Murphy Door Inc. has really solved many of the current problems we are having with our small spaces in our homes.  Although their concepts derived from the hidden door idea, or secret passage.  They have really capitalized on the storage and space saving model.  They have changed their looks so their bookshelf door systems will fit in any home and not only adding functional value but beauty as well.

Yes you can find similar products at the big box hardware stores but their prices are outrageous, others state that they were the first production bookcase door, but Murphy Door Inc. formerly "the amazing bifolding bookcase door."  Has been at this since 2005, they have had several years of R&D enabling them to find and perfect the problems that these types of doors impose, while these other companies struggle through the trial and error phases, they are where Murphy Door was 8 years ago, not only with design but with their pricing.

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