Dave Ashworth Teaches About the Emerald Heart. Knowledge Of Spirit Radio 107.7 FM on 7/12/2013

This weeks guest on Knowledge of Spirit Radio UPRN 107.7 FM New Orleans. Dave Ashworth is a Visionary; a trailblazer, philosopher; an author. David continually rolls back the boundaries of what we consider possible in spiritual realms.
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - July 7, 2013 - PRLog -- In a long career at the top of his field he has constantly moved from one level to the next, year after year, continually transforming and bringing new concepts into the world of healing and spiritual evolution. The Guiding Consciousness working through him, shows him his pathway in advance.Originally, David worked as a healer. Today, he has moved way beyond that level, where his present focus is unlocking the Spiritual Evolution of others. Through this process, he enables people to approach their own healing in a very different way than traditionally understood, bringing deep insight to their position in life, on their evolutionary path.
His Spiritual Teaching is unique, being driven and guided in a way which exposes the deeper truth within the lives of those who seek transformation. Using his gift of vision and the advanced Evolutionary Programs, the light exposes the inner being ensuring the evolution of the individual’s consciousness in the space of a single Program. All of David’s knowledge has been accumulated through extensive experience, by putting into practice the advanced teachings he has received from Higher Guidance. He has worked with energy, Light and consciousness for over 15 years and his pathway has been meteoric in its unfolding. With the ability to see beyond the Energy System and into the deepest consciousness of anyone, anywhere on the planet, David works remotely, by telephone, with a world-wide clientele. If you can access a phone, then you can work with David, it is that simple

Spiritual Evolution
David can perceive the specific barriers to the evolution of individuals. Once these barriers to progress have been viewed and understood, it is possible to enter into a process to dissolve them with the understanding of what you are doing and why. The knowledge of what is within us and why it is there is something which has almost never been approached in the old eastern philosophies of enlightenment. You sat with the Guru, and waited, often years, until things unfolded, often with little or no instruction or guidance. Working with David is different. He takes the mystery out of The Great Mystery and guides you, one simple but powerful step at a time, into a new reality, unfolding within you a higher perception of who you are and why you are here. At the same time, your natural, hidden gifts and talents begin to emerge as the Light works upon your consciousness. This is True Spiritual Evolution, the steps of which can be seen and perceived regularly, when working on the specifics which hold back your vibration and limit your life.
   Hosts New York Celebrity Psychic & UK's top Psychic Radio Presenter Alan Cox interview Dave to get to the bottom of his spiritual work and believes. Knowledge OF Spirit Radio broadcasts every Friday 6-8 PM CST/Midnight BST on UPRN 107.7 FM New Orleans or listen live on http://www.knowledgeofspirit.com
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