LIMS ABC enables web based LIMS with a new Cloud LIMS ABC Platform. Free LIMS offered for 3 Users.

Web Based applications are a big step forward for LIMS. Web Based LIMS ABC Platform enables Users to create data models and functional LIMS applications with a click of a mouse. LIMS ABC Makes LIMS Easy With Its LIMSABC Cloud Platform. LIMSABC Platform has been specifically design for Cloud, making LIMS affordable for health care industry. LIMS ABC releases for the first time LIMS ABC Platform as a SaaS LIMS Appliance free of charge for accounts up to 3 users.
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LIMS Biorepository
LIMS Biorepository
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - June 28, 2013 - PRLog -- LIMS ABC releases for the first time LIMS ABC Platform as a SaaS LIMS Appliance free of charge for accounts up to 3 users

LIMS ABC is a LIMS consultant firm, with Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale Florida, providing expert advice and services to laboratories regarding their LIMS requirements. Our LIMS specialist team applies its extensive lab experience to enable our smart clients make the best LIMS-related decisions and enjoying high ROI thereof. LIMS ABC is appropriately situated between the practical knowledge of LIMS technology and insight into the needs of various labs, leveraging the best of both for our clients' benefit.

LIMS ABC launches today LIMS ABC Platform. In deciding on any LIMS, it's essential to take a good look at what you do and how you do it - and how you'd LIKE to be able to do it, before making any initial decisions. With LIMS ABC Platform you can test your options and chose the best one. Cloud LIMS can be the way to go in many instances. LIMS ABC Platform offers even Amazon Cloud LIMS for extended flexibility. For start-up labs and small labs, LIMS ABC can be the best solution on the market today, offering for the first time for the industry free LIMS for clients that need only 3 users or less.

LIMS ABC Platform allows BAs and Users to create data models and functional applications with a click of a mouse. Developers can take the applications further and enhance them into perfect yet flexible hosted or cloud LIMS solutions.

Our LIMS consultant experts ensure that our free cloud LIMS solution selected for your lab is an interactive and intelligent application instead of just a data warehouse system. We have your long term benefit in mind while factoring in your immediate requirements. As such, LIMS ABC's work invariably translates into your lab's ability to make remarkable progress with its test data and activities.

LIMS ABC launches today LIMSABC Platform offered free of charge for 3 users or less accounts. To help new LIMS ABC customers get started in LIMS, LIMS ABC Platform is introduced as a free solution. The free package can be used for anything you want to run and deploy LIMS providing administrators access to the full range of LIMS ABC Modules: patient management, QC management, project management, bio-sample tracking, HL7 data integration, report delivery and instrument management.

LIMS ABC Platform can, in certain conditions, within the limitations of Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers, qualify for free cloud LIMS. That would translate that for smaller and even medium size labs, our LIMS ABC Platform can be completely free from design, deployment to operation. The ability of deploying LIMS for free on the cloud has never been possible before.


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