The Mark of the Beast has been revealed

There must be a worldwide inquisition against Freemasonry. In order to eradicate this abomination, every Freemason, regardless of which state, grade, condition, order, dignity or pre-eminence they might be, must be sentenced with condign penalties.
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Mark Of Beast
Pope Francis


Los Angeles - California - US

LOS ANGELES - April 14, 2013 - PRLog -- On February 14, 2009, my partner was murdered.   I was locked out of our house and everything I had, has been stolen from me.     On July 19, 2009, Ms. Stephani Germanotta recorded the song “Alejandro” in a malicious effort intended to cause me severe emotional harm.

My name made her famous and her global revenue was enormous.   However, they were not satisfied with having everything, they still wanted more.

On January 5, 2011, an attempted murder failed after I was coerced to an abandoned house in Hollywood, California.   I escaped that house with my life moments before it burned to the ground.   The LAPD censored my police report and the FBI told me that house never existed.

After the misappropriate use of my image appeared on an adult pay-per-view website, Katz Media offered me $300,000.00 to settle out of court and when they breached that agreement, I wrote an autobiographical memoir wherein I asked G-d to avenge me for these injustices.

Ever since I was targeted, the world has been in turmoil.   The northeastern United States is still struggling months after Hurricane Sandy and the Freemason effort to create and fulfill prophecy, has ironically sealed their own fate because their actions against me, personally, has been the catalyst of something far greater than words alone are able to define.

G-D responded to my plight by communicating a message which I delivered to the Holy See of the Vatican on October 16, 2012, in a press release I issued for the world to witness.    G-D gave the Vatican a deadline, which the Pope ignored.   By doing so, the Pope confirmed that the Vatican was G-D’s enemy and on November 7, 2012, G-D’s deadline was met exactly according to G-D’s description.

On the morning of December 14, 2012, the consequence was delivered to a private Catholic school in the northeastern United States by a young man selected as a Manchurian Candidate for the Freemason Fraternal Alliance.     While under the mind control of the United States government, this Manchurian Candidate massacred twenty innocent children using a POLICE issued fire arm and somehow, an entire nation missed how the only resource with police issued assault weapons, is the government.    Since the government issues these weapons to the authorities, then clearly, the authorities provided Adam Lanza with the police issued fire arm used on the morning of December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook elementary.

G-D is done giving you worthless heretics anymore chances for salvation.     There must be a worldwide inquisition against Freemasonry.    G-D has identified these transgressors.   They can no longer hide in secret and you must enforce the laws of G-D in order to prevent this excrement from destroying the human race.   Let this be known, if you fail you will not have the chance to cry to G-D in vain the day this Beast takes you by your neck, and spills your intestines onto the floor beneath you because as you watch it devour your bowels, you will watch in horror unable to scream and the only sound that will be heard will be the vomitus slapping of mastication, cowardice whimpers and muffled choking.

Those who sit in silence, will die just the same because silence is consent.  The Beast's silence validates everything I have communicated  since it has made the effort to ignore me, as if I did not exist.   Thus, it has given its consent and the time is now upon us to deliver the consequence to those who wear its mark.

G-D has given the following directive, which must be obeyed.

1.       In order to prevent these transgressors from speaking this evil, their tongues must be removed, as well as the tongues of their spouses and children.

2.       To prevent them from having the ability to write their evil, their thumbs, index, middle and ring fingers must be removed.  Their palms must be strike-branded after the skin of the palms is removed to ensure the maximum amount of scar tissue is produced.

3.      The men must be castrated.

4.       Lastly, each of their foreheads must be strike-branded to prevent them from spreading their deception, so that everyone who meets them shall know exactly what kind of excrement stands before them.

The image used to strike-brand them must be the mark of the beast; that mark is:

The initials A.C.E. will identify them as being the property of G-D, which stands for:



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Industry:Religion, Government
Location:Los Angeles - California - United States
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