Decision Making Tool Simplifying the Decision Making Process

Daily life can sometimes be very complex. Regularly, we have to take decisions, short-term, long-term, far-reaching and comprehensive ones. Would it not be of advantage to have a decision-making tool simplifying the decision-making process?
Jan. 29, 2013 - PRLog -- Issues in the private, as well as in professional life, can impose decisions that are complex, time consuming and far-reaching: Shall I change my job? Which profession shall I choose? Which car shall I buy? Is buying a house a good option? Who of the applicants is the right one? Shall we undertake this investment?

Possible decision-making methods include the intuitive decision-making. The decision­-making is based on one's gut feeling and one's own intuition. When taking decisions on complex issues it is advisable to choose a rational and structured decision-making method as for example the CAF Method (Consider All Facts), the PMI Method (Plus Minus Interesting), a decision matrix, a decision tree or even a decision-making software.

The gut feeling and intuition are certainly important factors when taking a decision. But at work or if the own decision taken will affect others, it may be difficult to represent a decision taken, based on a gut feeling only, towards third parties. A structured and comprehensible decision provides here automatically the necessary arguments in order to represent the decision confidently towards others.

The rational decision-making methods have in common that the various aspects of a decision are to be listed and then weighted in order to make a good choice. This can be solved either by paper and pencil or by using a spreadsheet. Especially when working with a weighted decision matrix, the project may easily become quite complex.

This can be accomplished more simply with the software tool "Decision Making Helper". This decision-making tool based on the weighted decision matrix is supporting the decision-making process in order to take rational, comprehensive, understandable and clear decisions. To find the right decision for the best option will become a child's play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process. The decisions once taken are reasonable, structured and understandable and can be represented confidently towards third parties.

The decision-making software Decision Making Helper is a program for Windows. The latest version of Decision Making Helper 1.12 runs under Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The decision-making tool can be downloaded free of charge for testing purposes in the languages English, German and French at .  The costs for a single license are USD 25. All the licenses are non-expiring and valid for all future updates.

Further Information

Since 1995, INFONAUTICS GmbH has been producing innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to Decision Making Helper, the company also offers an online booking system for hotels, a survey software for customer and employee surveys, a real-time backup software for continuous data protection between the regular system backups and an alternative start menu for Windows for immediate access to programs and documents. For more information, visit .
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