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Tony Matt is a Music Producer, Artist, composer, songwriter. Tony Matt has had music with Univision, Universal, Fonovisa, Balboa. Lions Gate, White Castle, and many TV Networks.
Tony Matt Producer
Tony Matt Producer
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Dec. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Tony Matt. Even the name has a snap to it. Dressed in swagged out suit with a popped up collar, you wouldn't imagine what he has gone through to make his career a reality. He stares at you dead in the eye. He carries himself very well, almost as if he is above anything petty. An aura full of energy with such a contagious smile. You can't help but smile when you're around Tony Matt.

Tony Matt formerly known as 'Z' from Kalimen, is a producer, artist, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur and business man. The true American Dream can be well described with Tony Matt's life and career. Born and raised in California, a typical Latino raised poor, broken, from a violent home, without a father figure, no older brothers or sisters, no mentor, looked down upon by close family members, and abused. Tony Matt's mother only went to 3rd grade. Tony Matt's father only went to junior high. Tony Matt did not have anything to facilitate anything he wanted to pursue. Instead, he had everything against him.

Tony Matt's parents separated when he was 8 years old. Confronted with a home of poor financial stability, he decided to help his mother at age 10 and worked for tips at local Jax Market grocery store in La Puente, helping customers with their grocery bags to help provide for his family.

Tony Matt did not discover his interest for arts until the age of 13. A friend gave him a small keyboard, learned to play a simple fable song, and was fascinated by it. At the age of 14, Tony Matt wrote poetry for church, which later became songs and hymns of praise. He needed music for his first song called "Aqui Estoy Señor" (I Am Here Lord), so he asked a fellow brother from church to help him put music together.

At age 15, he struggled to get others to help him put music together on a constant basis, so Tony Matt picked up a guitar and a self teaching book and learned to play guitar. At age 16, he self taught himself how to play the drums, bass guitar, and the congas. Tony Matt began singing on a regular basis. At age 17, Tony Matt went on to win all the singing contests he participated in. "He sings with such passion" was a phrase vastly repeated. Later that year, Tony Matt moved out on his own. He later graduated from high school and went to a technical college but dropped out, "It simply wasn't for me", Tony Matt remembers, "I just don't see me putting phones up on poles.... I don't even know why I signed up on the first place", he giggles.

"Music Center Pro... man that program changed my life", Tony Matt states in an over expressive tone of voice. "That was the first $40 program that a friend bought me and I knew it was the beginning of everything. I mean... I had no clue what I was to do with it but the picture showed a mixer and it said I could record music" he chuckles as he remembers and expresses himself like if it was yesterday.

Tony Matt later formed a group called “Prone” which included P-Mac (Pablo Machuca) and Dadadi (Daniel Gutierrez) and produced an album titled after their single "All the Ladies". "I just pronounced myself ‘producer’ and everyone went with it. I still remember everybody's face because they asked us, 'so who produced the music' and I jumped in and said that I was the producer. They looked at me oddly and they said... 'Yeah! He’s the producer'. I mean I was the producer... the music was a'ight but I produced and played it. Nonetheless, I was the producer” Tony Matt said.

In 1999, Tony Matt would serenade couples at Santa Beach. He was presented with an opportunity to go play and audition for Warner Brothers, but never pursued it. He later stumbled into another opportunity and was asked to perform guitar riffs for the first Spider-Man soundtrack, but again, due to fear of the music business, he did not pursue it. His group name changed to "Till Dawn" and everyone (same members) started singing. "Those were the days at Santa Monica Beach... That's my Beach", said Tony Matt.

He later moved to Kansas with his family for a year, produced a gospel record which he performed under the name "Fliz". During his stay in Kansas, another opportunity came knocking at his door. This time it was a connection with Paramount. He came back to California while the whole Spanish Urban Regional Era was blowing up. The group name changed once more and finally settled with Kalimen.

Nothing ended up happening with Paramount. "I was so frustrated" he mentions, "I was living with Dada at the time and Dada was living with his girl... I was the real third wheel.. And it sucked. I was having problems there and it was time for me to go... Dada worked a part time job and I spent all my time in their garage producing music so I did not have time to get a regular job... I was frustrated, I was crying, I felt everything was pretty much over for me... I felt that perhaps nothing was going to happen... but then... I slapped some sense into myself and what did I do? I did what I continue to do. I decided to make it happen. I jumped on the internet and started calling everybody. And only one person called me back... Who? Erick Medina", he smiles as he remembers.

Erick Medina managed Akwid, a group that was making pavement in the urban regional genre. "I couldn't believe he called me back! I ran back to Dada and told them after an hour and a half of calling, “Yo Dada, I got us an interview with Akwid's manager”. He looked at me in disbelief for a moment- I really think he didn't believe me- but my excitement probably got him all hot and bothered", said Tony Matt.

"We went to the meeting where we met my boy, GueroLoco, I was nervous, but I was ready". Erick Medina walks in the room and sees Kalimen. "I'm assuming he saw money because we looked freaken fly...  because shortly after that he offered us a management contract. And you know what?! I was tired of not doing anything so I told Dada, Yo, I'm signing this and I'm going to do what it takes to make my dreams come true. I've had way too many opportunities and done nothing- this one could be my last". A contract was made.

Univision / Fonovisa picked up Kalimen and Tony Matt's career started. Tony Matt Produced Azteka (Univision), Pueblo Cafe (Balboa), Aroma (Fonovisa). Kalimen is under Universal Music Group License.

In 2004, Tony Matt produced "Sueño Americano". The Album was named after that song.Tony Matt wrote and performed the chorus of “Lagrimas Secas"  and wrote and performed on "El Movimiento" for Aztekas Album. Tony Matt produced the song "Asi me Gusta" for Pueblo Cafe's album titled "Busca Oro".

In 2005, Kalimen released their album titled "Nueva Era" with there single "Ya No Sufrire". In 2007 he released a solo album named "Tu Cuerpo y mi Cuerpo". In 2008, he released "Our Secret". In 2009, He produced a Music Compilation named, "Diamonds Out Of Rocks". In 2011, He Produced a music Compilation named "Hombre de Poca Fe", formed a religious based group named Blue Diamond, built brand awareness within their genre. He then opened Dream High Music Studios. In 2012, he produced Andre Lafelle (Actor/Artist: Nike, FOX West Sports, Ford Motors, Xerox, It's A Miracle, ESPN, 1800 Collect, Bill Nye, Yes Mr. Moon, Power Play, Untitled Sunset Strip, The District, Dangerous Minds, The  Tonight Show and Days Of Our Lives). He closed a management deal with Bigg Fish/ Robair Entertainment. Closed a Synchronization license with the movie Art of Submission, began producing film score, and began collaborating with DJ's from Power 106 and LA96.3. He Collaborating with various people from the music industry including Art Schaer (Entrapment Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Jay Vincent (Ninjago).

Tony Matt is truly a fascinating person. An inspirational person. "If opportunity doesn't come my way, then I make the opportunity" said Tony Matt. Tony Matt really gives a true meaning to the phrase, "Where there is will, there's a way".


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Tony Matt is a Music Producer, Artist, composer, songwriter. Tony Matt has had music with Univision, Universal, Fonovisa, Balboa. Lions Gate, White Castle.

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