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The Lord Tubbington story “The Most Interesting Cat in the World”
Nov. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Newport Beach, CA-The beloved cat who plays “Lord Tubbington” on the Fox Network hit Television show Glee was nothing at all like I would have imagined.  The ominous yet regal name of his character creates a catchy, crafty, and crass character, who is the polar opposite in nature to the real 24  pound cornucopia of cat, seasoned with love, wisdom, patience and joy.  This cat, who is a  Bengal cat by the way, enjoys life in Newport Beach, CA.  Although Lord Tubbington is his familiar moniker on Glee, Aragon the Cat (which is what he is known as in the acting and social media community) is truly a wonder amongst nature.  Originally named after Aragorn referred to by J. R. R. Tolkien’s philosophy from the Lord of the Ring’s Trilogy as the king of the land holding impressive power and greatness with a humble exterior, his name was changed to Aragon, which is an ancient kingdom and current region in Spain.

Aragon’s first appearance was on the episode titled “Rumors.”  In the episode, Brittany,
(the owner of Lord Tubbington) has a guest cancel an interview for Brittany’s weekly viral talk  show, “Fondue for Two”, which is recorded live, from her house.  Since the show must go on, Aragon the Cat steps in and makes his first appearance as Lord Tubbington, who is eager to  speak to the world.  Brittany starts asking questions.  1) Does the movie “The Aristocats”  accurately portray the dynamics of a feline relationship?  The camera pans to Lord T, and his response is composed of a cool silence, the narrow eyes of boredom, and his right ear, tilted back ever so slightly like the way Sinatra wore his fedora.

Brittany then takes the opportunity to confront the cat about his relapse with cigarette
smoking, a habit he was concealing.  The camera pans back and this time the cat’s not even  looking at Brittany, let alone speaking to her.  His silence displays his controlled attitude. He is cool and crude, yet calm and collected.  He is young with passion yet wise with restraint, all the hallmarks of the most interesting cat in the world!

The fan base has grown respectably since this episode aired, reaching around the globe to countries like Mexico, China, and Brazil.  Although the fan’s favorite scene is Lord
Tubbington’s interview, he has proven his acting chops several times since as more light is shed on this mysterious cool cat.  As more episodes air, we get the opportunity to see the different  sides of this cat bad boy, just like I got the opportunity to see the different sides of Aragon the day we met in Newport Beach, CA.

“So Aragon, where were you born and where did you grow up?”

“Well, I was born in Sabillasville, MD, a small rural town in the Appalachian country.  I was
born into a Bengal rescue facility, where I lived for a year, until my mom came to pick me up, all the way from California.  Laguna Beach was so different from Sabillasville.  I got to live in  Laguna for 7 years.  We moved to Washington State for a little bit, but California called our hearts, and now we stay in Newport Beach, CA

“So, is there anything in your upbringing that could have prepared you for your role of Glee as Lord Tubbington?”

“A few amazing full figure and unique sense of style, which is directly reflected in my furry wardrobe, but I want to start off with my mother.  My mom recognized my high level of energy, and constant state of curiosity at a very young age.  She knew that I had a higher calling in life, nurtured my free spirit by taking me on long walks around the neighborhood, and I did this on a leash too. I liked going places, I liked to explore, and discover the truth.  I was given an advantage over the average cat; I get to see things, when many of my peers are idling away in nap time, dreaming about living, I'm actually out in places where many can only dream of.  As a result, I can hang anywhere.  Crowded malls, movie sets, airplanes, you'd almost think I was a person, because most of my peers won’t do any of this.”

“O.k. Aragon, how did you go from Laguna to the set of America’s number one show, Glee?”

“ day we were walking on my favorite street in Laguna with my mom’s friend animal talent scout Debbie from Paws for Effect.  We were all talking when she had an epiphany and  realized that I should be acting.  Within a month, I was auditioning for Glee in a group casting call, and I was selected!  I love the entire Glee cast!!  It’s the puuurrrfect outlet for a kitty such as me.  It has been a great way to start my career, and now I have more work coming out soon, including a Verizon commercial called “Man Dances with Cat.”  I’m open-minded, BUT NEVER WANT TO BE TYPECAST, like Al Pacino; I’m always searching for something new. I have my eyes set on a Super Bowl commercial!”

“How do you spend your free time?”

“Besides eating and napping, I give cat therapy at the local hospitals; visiting kids, the elderly, and everyone in-between.  I am also a connoisseur of fine dining. After all, spiritual acts of healing make a cat hungry!!”

“What is your heritage?”

“I’m a multicultural cat.  My grandfather weighed in at over 30 pounds, and our family traces its  roots all around south and Southeast Asia.  Have cat, will travel I guess.  I'm obviously the alpha male, as my siblings are a fraction of my size in comparison.  I’m truly a citizen of the world!”

“Awesome, Aragon, do you have a closing message or any comments you would like to make?”

“Yes, I love people! And I love making people happy! Love is all that matters.  I can and will  share my body mind and soul with you.  Life is short, so find your calling and LIVE IT!!  If your passion changes, that’s o.k. too.  Try something else, but don’t short change yourself.  You deserve the best.  One of my favorite quotes is “Be yourself, everybody else is already taken.”

And with that said, Aragon simply walked away, shroud in swagger only a true star could emulate, yet he retains humility in a way only a monk would understand.  Wow, this truly is the most interesting cat in the world.

Wylie O’Rylie is a freelance writer and “Gonzo Journalist”, for local papers as well as his
blog found at  Focusing on social and environmental issues, and chalk full of hilarious short stories that are just too weird to be made up, Wylie heard about Aragon through a chance meeting with his guardian CeCe Card, and became intrigued and inspired by the idea of a cat with a successful acting career and a positive social message.  The interview took place at a local park in Newport Beach CA.


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