Hawaii Supreme Court Scandalized by Corrupt Attorney in Foreclosure Fraud Conspiracy

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Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 10.29.08 AM
Oct. 7, 2012 - PRLog -- A publicly-censured, previously-indicted, corrupt attorney, defended by the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s (SCH’s) chief disciplinarian, is being sued in the U.S. District Court for stealing title to a sacred healing property using three forgeries, including an altered mortgage agreement originally drafted by Third Circuit Court Judge Glenn S. Hara.

The charges were brought against Hilo attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr., and State of Hawaii officials for neglect of duty, by two popular drug-industry whistleblowers, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, whose ministry property was illegally foreclosed upon by Sulla in contempt of court.

The journalists claim the Supreme Court’s ODC acted repeatedly with “willful-blindness” to Sulla’s criminal involvements, including an indictment by federal prosecutors for creating a sham “religious trust” for Hawaii arms dealer, Arthur Lee Ong; much like Sulla did when he created a fake “church” to evade judgment creditors, foreclose on the journalists illegally, and bring a fraudulent eviction complaint against their ministry.

Breaking the Judiciary’s confidence rule (HRCJC 1.2), giving the appearance of gross impropriety, Sulla started the scandal involving the ODC by filing a complaint against the journalists for alleged defamation. But court records prove everything the whistleblowers reported to the ODC and the press was accurate, including Sulla’s links to the CIA.

The ODC-protected Sulla, who operates an alleged illegal “ayahuasca church” according to the DEA, with his son on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. The two men and their ministry members manufacture & administer “journey medicine” to children and adults containing the hallucinogenic narcotic DMT, according to two sworn affidavits by “church” participants, and the son’s online publications with the CIA’s leading LSD, DMT, and “MKULTRA mind control” parapsychologist, Dr. Stanley Krippner.

The 2009 Hollywood movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, was based largely on Dr. Krippner’s work for the CIA’s project Star Gate. Krippner, widely known for promoting the “Future of Religion” based on psychedelic drug use, co-conducted & published research with Sulla, III, who court filings unlawfully claim is a “clinical psychologist.”

Horowitz & Kane began researching Sulla & the ODC’s complicity in a conspiracy to steal their ministry’s geothermal estate in 2010. The contested property features Hawaii’s only lava-heated steam saunas & geothermal bathing pools, and is regarded as one of the most powerful healing places on earth according to Hawaiian Kahunas and natural healers worldwide.

The journalists discovered Sulla’s sordid past, and published their findings to protect themselves, their ministry, and others in the community, triggering Sulla to file for injunctive relief to censor the journalists’ increasing news coverage, publications, and a video showing Sulla illegally auctioning their religious property against community protests and court judgments.

In 2002, the SCH publicly censured Sulla for arguing like “a reckless man” before the U.S. Tax Court. He was ordered to pay $10,500 in penalties for “unreasonably and vexatiously” multiplying proceedings on behalf of tax evader Brian Takaba.

In 2007, that public censure & sanction proved impotent when Sulla assisted another tax-evader Bruce Robert Travis in creating a money-laundering enterprise, Americorp International, LLC, & helped Travis file a false tax-return, according to Federal prosecutors.

The ODC neglected three forgeries in attempts to steal his ministry’s property. At the same time, 2010, disciplinary officials neglected Sulla’s Federal indictment for conspiring to defraud the government through Hawaii arms dealer Art Ong, tax evasion guru Royal LaMarr Hardy, and real estate developer, Michael Kailing. In that conspiracy, everyone went to jail except Sulla, who structured the money-laundering “religious trust” operations, and certified them to State and Federal agencies.

Most embarrassing to the Court in the journalists’ case is the fact that one of the forged securities instruments used by Sulla and his “church clients” to illegally bring foreclosure was originally drafted by Horowitz’s attorney, now sitting Judge Glenn S. Hara.

“In essence,” Horowitz says, “after eight years of litigation, more than $6 million in damages, & the State’s aiding-and-abetting organized crime by willful-blindness, repeatedly neglecting Sulla’s criminal operations, we are now suing Sulla & the State for complicity in a conspiracy to defraud me, my ministry, & four courts using multiple forgeries; evidence that should compel any reasonable court to arrest Sulla & his co-conspirators for the crimes they have committed.”

But Sulla has been historically protected, Kane argues. “He appears to have immunity against prosecution, despite his links to organized crime & tax evasion schemes, drug-trafficking & money laundering history, & ties to the CIA through his son & Google, Inc., that censored our video coverage of Sulla’s illegal ‘mock auction’ in violation of Constitutionally-protected freedom of the press & other Federal and State laws.”

Sulla’s non-judicial foreclosure auction slandered title to the one-of-a-kind property by certifying $375,000 in forged promissory notes. Sulla then assigned the fake debt into a sham “church” that he created for his supposed “clients.” And when the doctor refused to pay Sulla’s extortion demand for full payment of the “unlawful debt,” Sulla brought the illegal foreclosure auction in contempt of earlier court judgments denying foreclosure.

Now Sulla is claiming the journalists’ publications have damaged his & his son’s careers, prompting him to file two defamation claims to censor the story.

Thereafter, the journalists fired their defense attorney, Gary Dubin—considered America’s leading foreclosure fraud expert—for conspiring with Sulla to extend a fraudulent “Eviction Complaint” for possibly years. Further research showed Dubin spent 19.5 months in jail for tax-evasion in a famous case involving California Judge Manuel L Real. Dubin served as “poster boy” for the campaign forcing Real into “early retirement”--a special interest war waged by the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in 2006, Rep. James Sensenbrener (R-Wis.) It was Real (pronounced “Reel”) who convicted Dubin while controlling a trust fund containing more than $50 million of CIA-supported Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s money. Real was alleged to have disappeared tens of millions, according to the Los Angeles Times (Aug. 16, 2009).

Evidencing a conspiracy, the journalists began to represent themselves “pro se,” & then discovered “the Hara file” sequestered for years by their attorneys Dubin & John S. Carroll—a recent gubernatorial candidate. Hara’s hand-written notes all over the chain of drafts that generated the mortgage agreement that was altered by Sulla’s “client,” proved the attorneys’ complicity in a criminal conspiracy, or simply outrageous negligence.

Hara’s contract with Horowitz, and his recorded notes, were immediately published by the journalists on http://www.WarOnWeThePeople.com. This record, coupled with the ODC’s willful-blindness to Sulla’s criminal actions, & the Sulla-Google, Inc. censorship of the YouTube video exposing Sulla’s “Foreclosure Fraud,” is generating international attention, public outrage, & petitioners urging the Honorable Chief Justice Ronald T.Y Moon, Chairman, of the Hawaii Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, to disbar Sulla immediately.

Their petition is located at https://www.change.org/petitions/justice-against-cia-link...

Update: Their case has just been remanded back to the state court as of 10/5/12.


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