IT Works! Wraps: Tighten, tone and improve your skin in as little as 45 minutes!

This ALL NATURAL product has NO SIDE EFFECTS other than... LOST INCHES and SKIN TIGHTENING!!! And it even GETS RID OF STRETCH MARKS and CELLULITE too!!! Check out our whole line of wraps, skin care items, and supplements!
By: Jacks n Jills Wraps - Ind Dist of IT Works! Global

If there was an Herbal Spa FAT-LOSS WRAP that would allow you to LOSE 2 TO 8 INCHES in the next 45 minutes, would you be interested?

Of course you would!!! Who wouldn't be!?!?!?!

Well, guess what?!?!?! There is!!! And it's available today!!!

We've all seen gimmicks and gadgets all over our TVs, our computers, and our magazines... promising us the SKINNY solution of the week. But the "It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator" is the real deal!!!

Like any good skeptic, I was leery when I first heard about them... and I thought that it was going to be just another one of the millions of other products that promised some miracle way for me to lose inches from my body. As a 43-year-old woman whose clothing size went from a Size 4 to a Size 20 over the last several years, I was always trying anything that came my way to bring me back to the thinner me... and nothing ever seemed to work.

A few of my friends tried the wraps... and they said they saw amazing results! So, then I tried my first wrap... and WITHIN 40 HOURS, I HAD LOST 2 1/2 INCHES from my abdomen. I was amazed!!! A week later, the 2 1/2 inches was still gone... so, I wrapped again. And, I'm happy to say that I LOST ANOTHER 3 INCHES... and it's still off!!! And so isn't the 3 ¼ more inches I lost with my 3rd wrap!!! That's a total of 8 ¾ INCHES and I've kept them off for over a month now!!!

Even my 18-year-old daughter tried her first wrap a few weeks ago... and WITHIN 2 1/2 HOURS... she had LOST 1 INCH!!! And now... fast forward another two weeks and one more wrap, she is DOWN 6 INCHES!!!

These wraps are designed to target specific areas on your body that you want to improve! They TONE, TIGHTEN, and IMPROVE the appearance of your skin! You can LOOSE INCHES instantly... NOT just water weight!!! And the best part it, the application itself only takes a few minutes... and you'll see results that'll last!!

You can feel it actually working when you're wearing the wrap... it's truly amazing!!!

Whether you need a little help on your arms, your belly, your legs or your hips... the IT Works! Ultimate Body Applicator will definitely give you the help you need. They are also available for the neck and chin areas.

They are a 100 percent botanical wrap that is easy to do, it only stays on for a minimum of 45 minutes once applied. The average amount of inches lost in those 45 minutes is 1-3 inches, and then it continues to work over the next 72 hrs. The results last 2-6 months and you will see the maximum results with healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. This is not a wrap to reduce water weight!

What it does?

· Tightens, Tones & Firms Skin in as little as 45 minutes

· Reduces unsightly Fat, Cellulite & the appearance of stretch marks

· Immediate, Long-lasting results

· Successful for both men and women

· Site-Specific Detox

· Typical results 1-3 inches lost in 45 minutes... usually more... NOT water weight...

How it does it?

The Body wrap works like this... it has 4 processes: lipolysis, detoxification, microcirculation and an anti-inflammatory effect. Lipolysis is the natural process our body does to make use of fat. This happens when our bodies turn fat into energy by breaking it down into its components: fatty acid and glycerol. The plant extracts and botanicals in the contouring cream work by entering into the cells causing fat molecules to dissolve and assimilate into the rest of the body as energy.

The second action is detoxification. One of the main functions of fat cells is to store toxins. Once placed on the body, the cream in the Applicator absorbs into the skin and into the fat cells. Toxins are released which leave fat cells 'deflated', if you will.

The third process that takes place is micro-circulation in the targeted area. Increased circulation flushes away the harmful substances which were released and brings in good nutrients. By increasing micro-circulation in an area, overall health is improved.

The fourth and final process that occurs is an anti-inflammatory effect. Fat cells are cells which are expanded and inflamed. Once the adverse substances are released, cells can still remain inflamed. The ingredients in the wrap decreases inflammation and you get an overall tightening, toning and firming of that area.

We all have fat cells, and they can expand or they can shrink. When you diet or work out, you don't lose fat cells; you lose the 'subcutaneous fat' inside the cell. The natural ingredients in these applicators are different, because they help saturate the wall of the cell and release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell through osmosis action. Fatty material is liquefied by the herb and is circulated to the lymph system by the blood system and then excreted from the body. This normal excretion action cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body. As long as you maintain your weight (or even lose some), the lost inches will not return for two to six months.

This amazing product was a $300 Spa Treatment in Europe for over 12 years... and then IT Works! Global bought the rights to it... and now it's available for all of us!! This ALL NATURAL product has NO SIDE EFFECTS other than... INCH LOSS and SKIN TIGHTENING!!! And it even gets RID OF STRETCH MARKS and CELLULITE too!!!

They will make you look and feel great! If you don't believe me, try one for yourself!!!

Here's to a Skinnier, Happier YOU!!!

Check out the IT Works Wraps today! Reference this article and Save $5.00 off your first wrap!
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