Real Wealth Income Generator Bill Poulos - Experimental Test Results and System Performance Review

Real Wealth Income Generator by Bill Poulos generates a surprising amount of positive trades in initial testing. EXPERT REVIEW: What traders should expect, and advice for traditional investors making the switch to swing trading.
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Real Wealth Income Generator - Expert Performance Review
Real Wealth Income Generator - Expert Performance Review
June 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Real Wealth Income Generator, Bill Poulos’ latest panacea for investors and traders distressed by the precarious state of our global economy, delivered some promising results (see real-time results: ) in initial testing.  Will it meet expectations of traders as well as goals put forth by the developer?  And more importantly, can swing trading this system really provide a self-contained safe haven for investors grappling to find some solid anchor of stability and sustainable growth in these present and forthcoming tumultuous times?

A growing trade deficit and out-of-control government spending certainly point to a weakening dollar and a real risk of double-digit inflation here in the US.  Greece, Spain, Italy and other sovereigns of the euro zone paint a house-of-cards picture with their various recapitalization needs, reliance on ECB (European Central Bank) bailout funding and rising threats of redenomination that plague the region.

The Euro - Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Indeed, the fundamental makeup of our world’s monetary systems hangs in the balance as the threat of Greece exiting the euro continues to rise.  Such a move would not only negatively impact the credit standings of all euro area countries but could actually threaten the euro’s continued existence.  You forex traders out there might want to read that last sentence again -- what would happen to your life if the EUR/USD pair suddenly vanished from existence?

As investors and traders, of course we expect a system to work and provide positive results if we’re to buy into it.  However, the prudent among us seek after a solution that not only works today, but also doesn’t falter as market conditions change.  After all, a life of abundance means not merely surviving the rough times but enjoying a continuation of the good life brought about by taking responsible control of our finances.  And at this time of great economic and financial uncertainty, that secondary objective becomes alarmingly important.

Real Wealth Income Generator promises to provide such a vehicle; supposedly a rock-solid system with the potential to produce immediate monetary gains as well a long-term growth of capital.  That’s how it’s pitched by Profits Run, Inc co-founder and system developer Bill Poulos.  In his words, “This may be the most important financial program I’ve ever created, and it’s arriving just in time.”

System Architecture - How it Works, and a Warning for Traders

Diversification ranks supreme in the hierarchy of most traditional investment strategies deemed “safe” by advisors.  And we probably think immediately about how this term applies, for example, to a portfolio of stocks and bonds held for the long haul.  However, Poulos tells us we must diversify our trading if we want to build real wealth in the markets.  In fact, he warns traders that without a diversification of trading strategies, the way we trade right now could become obsolete – our current strategies could literally stop working almost overnight.

Real Wealth Income Generator builds on the philosophy that a stable long-term trading approach should take advantage of markets based on real assets, like gold, silver and energies.  Poulos even goes as far as to give us his list of top trading vehicles that work best for this approach, markets that are “deliberately trading” according to his methodology.  The caveat here is that we need the proper rules, setups and exit strategies to capture the profit potential from these increasingly volatile markets, the absence of which would most assuredly spell disaster for the typical investor or trader.

Buy and Hold vs. Swing Trading - The Key to Building Real Wealth?

While traders will immediately see the beauty in what Poulos is providing with this program, traditional investors necessarily require a paradigm shift in their thinking to grasp the power that comes from swing trading, particularly when it involves these volatile markets.  Traders know and understand that volatility creates price movement, and that spells good news for those trained and equipped to take advantage of these potentially lucrative moves.

Looking at the performance of the S&P 500 over the past decade (or even just the last 12 months) illustrates the stuck-in-the-mud scenario experienced by the best of the buy-and-hold investors.  Buy and hold generated at best a flat position over these time periods and more probably a loss.  However, pulling up a chart of the SPX for these same periods exposes the many ups and downs, the “swings” in the market, which likely added to the indigestion and sleepless nights of traditional investors.

But it’s these very swings that generated a 63-percent profit potential in the S&Ps over the past year alone by cashing in a chunk of each market move every few days.  So, the increasing market volatility coupled with the fact that traders take profits whether the market moves up or down (via long and short positions) delivers a timely and unprecedented opportunity for investors looking to make the shift to swing trader.

The Differentiating Secret

So, if swing trading to exploit the profit potential of increasing volatility in real-asset markets represents a bona fide fix for present and future financial returns, then what makes Bill Poulos’ Real Wealth Income Generator essential to the equation?

Herein lies the salient, uncanny element that only a seasoned trading veteran, one with the analytical skills and scientific approach of a gifted engineer can provide.  Poulos has ingeniously integrated his powerful, proprietary and highly-accurate predictor of the 5-day trend of the best real-asset market vehicles into this program.  How many trades would you place if you knew which way the market was headed for the next five days?

Poulos also gives us a “virtual assistant”, his latest trade alert software that will tap us on the shoulder should a potentially profitable trading condition arise, allowing us the discretion to make the final call in pulling the trigger to enter the trade.  The education you receive through the instructional videos Poulos provides with the program arms you with the insight necessary to cull the best of the best trades.  And practicing his simple risk management tactics allows you to strike quickly and maximize your profit taking as safely as possible.

These powerful tools, together with complete training videos, charts and diagrams to guide us along, provide one heck of an arsenal to deploy in our war against uncertain economic times.

Put to the Test: Experimental Results & Free Access for You?

Swing trading these markets has always provided great potential to amass substantial wealth.  People in the know are getting rich off these highly-volatile markets every day.  Can we join them?  You need to decide for yourself whether Bill Poulos has just presented us with the ticket.  However, as we said at the onset, the surprising amount of positive initial results produced by Real Wealth Income Generator speak for themselves.

See the trading results in real time, read testimonials and expert trader reviews of the program, and learn how you can get access to Real Wealth Income Generator absolutely free (for a limited time) at .

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